Purple Lattice takes IT support London to new level

From: Purple Lattice Solutions Ltd
Published: Wed Sep 21 2005

Says Purple Lattice owner Daniel Dzikowski: "Every customer interaction should be memorable. Often, you speak with IT support companies in London and you get an ‘I don’t want to help you’ attitude. We aim to change all that by raising the bar  to set new standards of customer service. Get the basics right first and the rest should naturally follow.

"Being in IT support for over eight years, I can understand the attitude. And, because I understand it, I can change it. So, therefore, I must begin with my own IT support company, Purple Lattice."

Daniel aims to examine himself and his attitude towards his employees and what he is trying to do for them. He hopes that the result will be a business that contributes to the community and creates an environment where ‘giving back in business’ is the norm; where each person has a sense of belonging and importance, and where their ideas are considered in earnest.

"Once I can do that, then and only then can I ‘raise the bar’ for IT support in London," says Daniel. "There are already a few IT support companies in London providing excellent service  they’ll be the ones recommended by your colleagues or friends. I hope to follow their example and improve some more. It’s going to be a tough challenge, but I look forward to it.

"ThereÂ’s a growing demand for higher levels of IT support, and I aim to respond. Everything from picking up the phone to replacing a printer cartridge will take place with the aim of delighting the customer."
Purple Lattice is an IT support company with a growing reputation among small and medium-sized business throughout London. Purple LatticeÂ’s services are aimed specifically at businesses that understand that, to progress, the basic infrastructure must first be in place.
Purple Lattice designs with simplicity in mind. The company believes in creativity, efficiency and organisation, and all services are offered with this in mind.
Purple Lattice offers strong IT foundations for businesses. Daniel Dzikowski can be contacted on 020 8566 7772, or visit www.purplelattice.com for more information.
Company: Purple Lattice Solutions Ltd
Contact Name: Daniel Dzikowski
Contact Email: danield@purplelattice.com
Contact Phone: 020 8566 7772

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