– Fez holds celebrations for the ascension of the king on 30 July 2011

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Published: Thu Jun 02 2011

Feast of the Throne marks the time of the king’s ascension and today is held to respect the current king, His Majesty King Mohammed VI. While the main activities are held at the Royal Palace there are many other events to be seen elsewhere.

Festivities are held all over the country and in Fez and other areas a common spectacle to see is riders lining up for the Fantasia. This is a show where warriors gather on their horses to perform a ceremony dressed in traditional clothes and carrying old fashioned rifles that fire using gunpowder.

For the display the warriors try to charge in a straight line, all at the same time for roughly 200m and at the end the guns are held high into the sky, above their heads, and fired into the air. The art of the ceremony is to try to get everything synchronized, and particularly with the gunfire, so that it seems as though only one shot has been fired.

Visitors that want to catch the celebrations will need to book Fez hotels for 30th July 2011 but as a national holiday rooms are likely to be difficult to come by.

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