– Seoul blossoms with thousands of roses

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Published: Fri Jun 03 2011

Seoul Grand Park Rose Festival is due to show nearly 300 species of roses with the park gardens carefully arranged to highlight the colours and different varieties. People interested in learning about the plant can attend the presentations by gardening experts and learn about the optimum growing conditions needed for the best blooms.

Visitors can then take a romantic stroll through the park and stop at the various places set up to sit and enjoy the flowers. These include the dancing water and circular fountains, gazebos, the stage by the waterside and statues made of roses depicting nymphs and goddesses can also be seen near rest areas.

Aside from just the flowers the festival will present a lively series of entertainment. The World Parade will feature a procession of the distinct characteristics of various countries such as the samba dance from Brazil. There’s also going to be a magic show with roses and live concerts as well as displays of folk art and cultural performances.

People intending on heading along can find the festival happening between June and July 2011 and with horticulturists and many extra visitors expected to attend a hotel in Seoul Airport may be more difficult to come by.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at commented: "The festival is immensely popular and hotels will be restricted on availability so advanced plans should be made."


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