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Education: Kineo shares rapid networking and e-learning tips

Kineo shares rapid networking and e-learning tips

Networking and learning are two skills that it’s hard to do without. Kineo shares some insights on how both can be made easier in a set of resources this month, and a new approach to e-learning for induction.

[ClickPress, Fri Jul 06 2007] Not a natural networker? Try it online. A recent survey on online social networking showed that social networking sites such as lLnkedIn are being used extensively by professionals. The survey, conducted by the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp – formerly HRI) revealed that 65 percent of business professionals are clicking and connecting via personal and professional social networking websites.

The most popular site in the survey by far was LinkedIn. Kineo’s Matt Fox has been examining LinkedIn and shares his findings this month. Matt explains: “The smart thing about LinkedIn is that it allows you to extend your by inviting people you’ve known to join yours. Whenever you accept, you get access to theirs, thereby increasing your circle of contacts considerably. Great if you are a natural networker. Fantastic if you are not! And in a world where today's colleague is tomorrow's client, it's more important than ever to keep your network alive.

Fox explained that this has great potential for learning: “We see it as a great tool to support communities of practice. Set up a network of people sharing common tasks. Add a Subject Matter Expert and make her or him the centre of a Linked In group, with whom others in the network can connect. Ensure that the group remains connected after a learning experience by sharing connections.

If you're responsible for induction or onboarding in your organisation, why not invite new joiners to get on LinkedIn and share connections with each other before they arrive, and encourage people to start networking before day one?”
You can read more here:

How else to connect and motivate people in induction, without spending a fortune on e-learning? Consider Kineo’s induction E-learning template. It consists of quality e-learning framework for induction, pre-formatted and ready for easy customisation with your content, to make your e-learning specific for your learners a lot faster than you’d think possible.

Kineo’s E-learning templates are available at the Rapid E-learning Store:

About Kineo

Kineo, the leading rapid e-learning company, has enabled organisations including Cable & Wireless, Marks & Spencer, BP and Virgin Media to introduce rapid e-learning, driving down cost and increasing speed of response to business critical needs.

Our services include:
• Rapid e-learning consultancy on how to get rapid e-learning into your organisation
• Rapid e-learning development to deliver effective e-learning at speed
• Rapid capability building to bring design and development skills into teams
• Rapid e-learning support services and hosting
• Rapid guides, tools, resources, and Flatpacks available at the Rapid E-learning Store

Founded in November 2005 by Matthew Fox, Mark Harrison, Steve Rayson and Stephen Walsh, Kineo is a limited liability partnership with offices in Brighton.

We have a press centre for journalists on our website and are always happy to help with stories and provide commentary on the latest developments in e-learning and blended learning. Our Knowledge Centre provides monthly updates on the latest in learning. More at the Kineo website.

For further information, contact:
Stephen Walsh 07799 064026

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