Bond&Fill STRUCTURAL acrylic adhesive is endorsed for use with all brands of PVC trim.

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Published: Mon Jul 09 2007

Field tests by several independent contractors have found Bond&Fill STRUCTURAL acrylic adhesive to be the brand of choice when working with all types of PVC products.

Bond&Fill Inc, of East Taunton, MA, is the leader in structural acrylic adhesive technology and formulation for use with cellular PVC trim.

Notes Rob Costa of B&D Construction, "Bond&Fill’s products have proven to be very versatile in the field. Instead of worrying about which brand of adhesive will work with which brand of PVC trim, we have found that we can reach for Bond&Fill STRUCTURAL and know that it will create a strong, permanent bond, no matter what brand of PVC trim we’re working with."

"Bond&Fill STRUCTURAL demonstrates an exceptional degree of durability and strength. We have literally had the PVC substrate fail and break, while the bond created by Bond&Fill held," remarked Chris McDonough of CFM Construction.

Unlike some brands of adhesives that have been endorsed for use with only one specific brand of PVC trim board, Bond&Fill’s field-tested line of high performance sealants and adhesives are specially formulated to bond, fill and repair a wide variety of brands of exterior or interior PVC trim, vinyl, and aluminum products. Bond&Fill products are guaranteed to work with AZEK, KOMA, Kleer Versatex, Fypon, and ATW, as well as many other PVC trimboards on the market today.

Ideal for filling nail holes and gaps, Bond&Fill STRUCTURAL is 100% waterproof, has a high UV resistance with a shear strength of up to 3,412 psi, and will withstand harsh climates without shrinking, discoloring, or yellowing. Solvent-free and white in color, Bond&Fill STRUCTURAL blends well with all brands of cellular PVC and is also sandable and paintable.

Bond&Fill Inc.
Founded in 2003, Bond&Fill Inc. was established to create a superior line of adhesives and sealants specially formulated to bond, fill and repair exterior or interior PVC trim, vinyl, and aluminum products. Through its commitment to research, design, and innovation, Bond&Fill Inc. continues to expand its product line.

Bond&Fill’s high performance line of sealants/adhesives is comprised of three unique products: Bond&Fill STRUCTURAL, a two-part acrylic structural adhesive/filler that is exceptionally strong and durable and is formulated to bond, fill and repair all PVC trim; Bond&Fill FLEX for PVC expansion and contraction joints; and Bond&Fill FOR PAINTERS a gap, seam and nail hole filler for all PVC products.

Bond&Fill’s 50,000 square foot facility is located at 250 Cape Highway (Route 44) in East Taunton, MA 02718. For additional information about Bond&Fill products, please visit an authorized Bond&Fill dealer or contact Bond&Fill at 1- 877-822-4615, email or visit

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