Illegal immigrants take jobs which should be filled by UK workers

Published: Wed Jun 08 2011

BORDERS must be tightened to stop illegal immigrants taking UK jobs.

That is the call from UKIP’s Leicester MEP Derek Clark, who has spoken out after the largest ever swoop on illegal immigrants in the city took place this week.

The police operation saw 33 people arrested, after more than 120 officers raided a factory complex in Spinney Hills.

The UK Border Agency said 26 men and seven women, who have no right to be in the UK, were found to be working at the former Imperial Typewriter building, in East Park Road.

Mr Clark said: "This is not the first time we have seen arrests of illegal immigrants in Leicester – and yet again we see UK jobs taken by people who have no right to be in this country.

"Were these people paid the going rates – I doubt it. I wonder if there is a pipe line supplying illegal workers to firms in the city.

"We have to investigate how these people get into the UK - proper checks are clearly not being carried out.

"This just goes to show the UK's border controls fail to do its job. The Home Secretary makes handwringing excuses when she visits Calais, promising to do something, but never does.

"While we must congratulate the Border Agency on this action, its plans to deport these illegal workers must at best be hopeful. What is the betting that these people will claim asylum or just disappear into the ether?"

Police said the raid – codenamed Operation Serbal – had been planned for several months and was the first phase of a border agency enforcement campaign.
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