Customization Beats Commoditization in Distance Learning: A Case for Technology

From: Delta L Printing
Published: Fri Sep 23 2005

STATE COLLEGE, PA (September, 25 ) – When Dr. Alex Heiphetz of Delta L Printing saw interest among education and training professionals generated by his company’s Printer Diamond document management service, he knew that a lot of that interest could be attributed to a McEducation vs. Distance Learning controversy. Can an institution with centuries of tradition in education, but also high costs of research and developing innovative courses, successfully compete with cut-rate newcomers promoting generic courses based on generic courseware? Delta L Printing answers "yes". New technology allows Delta L to manufacture and distribute course materials economically even on a small scale or on demand. Just a few years ago mass-production of learning materials was seen as a necessary condition of keeping costs low. To some this served as justification for McDonaldization of education. Today Delta L Printing produces materials on-demand allowing modifications and customization performed as needed and keeping costs down.
"From duplication to logistics and shipping, we experienced zero errors or complaints from students - a remarkable feat considering the large audience and short turn around," said Edward Donovan, Director, Outreach Office of Statewide Programs for Penn State. "The Web-based ordering and tracking system Delta L Printing designed for us was a real asset."
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Delta L Printing is a media services company specializing in on-demand production of printed, digital and video materials for educational institutions and corporate training needs. Printer Diamond / educational service is completely accessible on-line, thereby saving valuable time and equipment expense for users. With headquarters in State College, Pennsylvania, USA, DLP serves customers around the globe. Further information on Delta L Printing and its Printer Diamond service can be obtained by visiting or calling 814-234-0900.
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