Finance Veteran Colleen Spencer joins NetElixir Board

From: NetElixir Inc
Published: Sat Sep 24 2005

NetElixir Inc, a search engine marketing firm headquartered in the University town of Ann Arbor, Michigan has been slowly but steadily making the right
moves that would help it emerge as a leading "organized" player in an industry that has been described by the popular online marketing publication, Marketing Sherpa, as still being a cottage industry.

NetElixir, that prefers to be called "search advertising performance optimization firm" today announced the appointment of Colleen Spencer as Finance Advisor and Director.Ms.Spencer is a CPA with over twenty five years experience in finance.Most recently, Colleen has been the CFO for HandyLab, Inc., a venture capital financed medical diagnostic start up. She was also the CFO for Avail Networks, a venture capital financed telecommunications equipment company which was sold in 2003.Her tenure at these companies involved several VC and bank financings, as well as investor relations and administrative responsibilities.She directly reports to NetElixir CEO, Udayan Bose.

"Colleen's proven track record and rich experience would help NetElixir take the right strategic steps towards becoming a global leader in "online
advertising performance optimization",said Mr.Bose.

Ms.Spencer's appointment is another instance of a reputed industry professional joining the Board of NetElixir. She joins Ms.Seana Mulcahy,the Chief Online Brain at eBrains Inc - a prominent expert in online marketing and a published writer; Matt Syrett, Vice President-Product Development at LinkShare Corporation and ex-Vice President Grey Interactive- a thought leader in the field of online marketing; Manas Fuloria, Founder at Suppychainge Inc - a start-up expert specializing in "building global operations" and K.Ramachandran,Professor of Entrepreneurship at Indian School of Business, one of the top Business schools in India.
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