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From: Blooming Good Jobs (Horticultural Recruitment)
Published: Sat Sep 24 2005

Horticulture and agriculture have often been the poor relations as far as progress is concerned. Take for instance recruitment; it’s not so long ago that farmers, nurserymen and garden centres would simply go to the job centre or put a small ad in the local newspaper to get their staff. Qualifications and/or experience were not always thought to be necessary or even an advantage to gain a job working on the land.

Then, back in 1989, specialist agencies burst on to the scene with a brand new approach to finding staff and suddenly, just like most other industries, Horticulture had dedicated recruitment companies able to source for them qualified and experienced staff. Almost overnight the industry was revolutionised and progressive companies were able to utilise and build on this new fund of expertise for the benefit of the company, the customers and the industry in general.

Now a NEW revolution in recruitment has arrived with the development of a unique and dedicated website where trained horticulturists can seek employment and horticultural companies can advertise their jobs.

The specialist site of claims to be the ideal middle ground between recruitment agencies and advertising in trade journals. Blooming Good Jobs is staffed by a subtle mix of IT professionals, horticulturists and recruitment consultants bringing together a blend of skills that makes this an unbeatable combination to further your horticultural career or find that ideal next member of staff.

"We have spent the last 18 months building up a database and mailing list of thousands of horticultural professionals – meaning that every job will be immediately seen by a highly specific audience of suitably qualified and experienced candidates." Said Gee Hazleton, marketing director of Blooming Good Jobs. "Candidates can see the job details and instantly apply on line. They will also be emailed with every relevant vacancy. They do not need to register their details and the whole operation is both quick and free."

Whilst there are a number of companies offering a similar service as part of their websites; is the first specialist website in the UK to bring together all of the necessary experience and expertise and offer such a complete package for Garden Centres, Nurseries, Florists, Landscapers and farmers.

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