IPTV GUI Developer Company Netica Revealed a New IPTV Interface Designed for Orca Interactive

Published: Sat Sep 24 2005

TEL AVIV, Israel, September 20, 2005 â€" Netica Ltd., Israel's leading Internet applications developer and web design studio, announced today the release of a new Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) interface. The new advanced user interface designed and developed by Netica, along with Orca Interactive (LSE: ORCA), a global market leader in developing middleware and applications for IPTV.

The IPTV GUI was revealed during the IBC2005 show, the leading international conference for the digital TV industry, held at September 9-13th in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The revolutionary concept SUI (Subscriber User Interface) features a new personalized dashboard that serves as a springboard to all iTV (Interactive Television) services and enables easy access to personalized services and operator's pushed content. By enabling personalization and focusing content offering, iTV usage and ARPU (average revenue per user) will grow, and churning will be reduced.

Netica was engaged by Orca Interactive to work with their technology team, to develop its next generation SUI (code named 'Amber'). By enabling an experienced creative team with a strong technology background in TV interfaces, Orca aspired to develop a new 'out-of-the-box' concept for an IPTV GUI that will demonstrate the extensive capabilities of the Orca Flash SUI development platform.

"This is the first instance that Netica and Orca are working together, and from the break-through work, it seems like it won't be the last," said Boaz Rossano, Netica's co-CEO and Creative Director. “The new interface will enable operators to attract and accustom mass market subscribers to the interactive TV world. We are excited to play a part in the continued growth of this industry.�

Although this release of the SUI is already leapfrog over the current market’s traditional 'separate-applications-oriented' approach, Orca is exploring additional innovations in its road map such as personalized advertising, advertisers/syndicated skinned dashlets and more innovative TV based applications.

The new SUI was developed using Macromedia® Flash® technology which enhances the overall digital set top box experience to deliver a 'Game Machine' look and feel.

About Netica
Netica Ltd., Israel's leading Internet applications developer and web design studio, is focusing on helping organizations optimize their marketing capabilities using digital media advanced interactive tools and browser-based applications. The company’s long-standing commitment to provide state-of-the-art client-based technology, allow its customers to run massive applications using significantly reduced bandwidth and CPU for maximize end-user experience.

Working with leading Israeli high tech companies, Netica develop interactive marketing and corporate internet and sales solutions, produce websites geared for the Global markets, and design complex human interfaces. Netica also provides outsource software development services, especially Microsoft's .net, XML, Java Script and Action Script.

Netica's clientele includes Comverse (NASDAQ: CMVT), Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), M-Systems (NASDAQ: FLSH), Fundtech Ltd. (NASDAQ: FNDT), RADVISION (NASDAQ: RVSN), Kodak Graphic Communications Group (previously Creo), Siemens, Bezeq, and BlockBuster. For more information please visit Netica website at, www.netica.co.il
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