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From: WinQuota LLC
Published: Sat Sep 24 2005

Minsk, Belarus - September 26, 2005 – WinQuota LLC announces the release of 2.0 version of the disk quota management utility WinQuota. This version brings new features as updated user interface, updated and expanded documentation, and support of external scripts execution if software limitations exceed.

WinQuota is an automatic disk quota management mechanism. It was designed to cover all the Administrator necessities concerning managing space limits and monitoring their keeping. WinQuota hard limits cannot be exceeded, but in the case of attempting to use more space than quota set, administrator intervention is not required to unlock/solve quota overflow.

With WinQuota 2.0, software and hardware quota settings are now operated separately from standard UI. The new version is more stable and works with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 at Intel x86 and AMD64/EM64T platforms; it supports Windows cluster solutions and works well in multi-domain environment with full support of trustee relationships in domains.

WinQuota 2.0 also gives an opportunity to set "soft" quota. This kind of quota can be exceeded but in this case Administrator will receive a log event with user and quota information. In addition there is a possibility to determine custom scripts and 3rd party programs that can be used as "soft" quota excess triggers.

All the settings can be managed as via GUI as using command line tools in the UNIX style. WinQuota 2.0 is autonomous and can work both separately or concurrently with the standard Windows facilities.

Another notable feature for the new version is that User can easily integrate his own solutions with quota management as WinQuota provides application programming interface (API) compatible with Microsoft COM standard.

Availability and Pricing

"The pricing decision of WinQuota LLC is to minimize the product price by bending every effort to improving the basic functionality, not to design enhancements or complementary functionality that is unlikely will ever be used. As a result WinQuota is an objective and considered product at the acceptable price" says Michael Isaev, Sales Director of WinQuota LLC.

According to WinQuota LLC support program one year of free WinQuota updates is provided for its customers. Non-profit organizations are offered special conditions of cooperation.

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WinQuota LLC is a software development company based in Belarus (Eastern Europe). The company offers disk quota management solutions for Windows servers. WinQuota LLC is aimed on high quality products, timeliness and creativity. The company products are available for download on WinQuota LLC Website:

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