Makes 'War of the Worlds' look like a peace summit

From: Infected Books
Published: Sun Sep 25 2005

Birmingham, UK September 25 2005 - Infected Books releases ‘Trust’ by British author David Moody – an alien contact novel which breaks the mould.

A million miles away from the effects-laden, action-driven Hollywood fare of ‘War of the Worlds’ and ‘Independence Day’, in ‘Trust’ Moody asks what would happen if the most important and anticipated event in history took place in the middle of nowhere?

Like all of Moody’s novels, ‘Trust’ is uncomfortably honest, tough and relentless. His characters are ordinary people and, like the rest of us, are flawed and far from perfect. There are no muscle-bound leaders, brilliant scientists or square-jawed heroes to lead mankind through this crisis. The responsibility falls to people like you and me. The author of the acclaimed ‘Autumn’ novels, Moody uses the familiarity of his characters and settings to make the unbelievable feel uncomfortably believable and real.

To learn more about David Moody and his other novels visit and the official ‘Autumn’ website ‘Trust’ (ISBN 0-9550051-4-0) is published by Infected Books on 1 October 2005. Infected Books titles are available worldwide as eBooks and paperbacks from and other leading on-line retailers.

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