Derek Clark MEP says the The EU provides perfect cover for marketing scams

From: Derek Clark MEP
Published: Wed Jun 15 2011

The ‘menace’ of a European guide to cities has come under the spotlight of an East Midlands MEP.

UKIP member Derek Clark last week attacked the continued publication of the European City Guide and said in spite of attempts to close it down it continued to be produced.

He spoke out in the European Parliament against the publication of guides and documents, which used small print to hide the true costs of services.

He said the guide, and similar publications, appeared to invite free representation but on close inspection of the small print revealed they are, in fact, a contract.

Numerous people and businesses have signed and returned it unaware of the financial implications – paying hundreds of pounds for advertisements they did not want.

He said: "In the UK - in May 2008 - the Misleading Marketing Regulations came into force. This outlawed using the small print of any document to hide the true cost of a service.

"So the Office of Fair Trading can now take action against UK companies - but there is a serious drawback.

"The OFT does not have jurisdiction to tackle any scams from elsewhere, including those from other member states. So the problem continues, and I continue to receive my share of complaints."

He said lax policing meant such publications continued to be produced in Europe and more to the point, why couldn’t the British Government prevent such publications ending up on our shores.

He said: "The answer, as always, lies at the heart of this useless EU which has demolished national frontiers.

"The free movement of people, goods and services provides perfect cover for the people traffickers, the terrorist and for threatening, traumatising scams aimed at fleecing the unwary."
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