Make your computer read selected text from any application with a single keystroke!

From: Rich Speech
Published: Mon Sep 26 2005

Astrakhan, Russian Federation (September 26, 2005) Rich Speech has released 1st Read It Aloud!, a text-to-speech utility for the Windows operating system that reads selected text from any application with a single keystroke.

Our kids frequently ask us to read something aloud. However, the adults often need somebody to read for them too. That is why 1st Read It Aloud! was created. Since now, Windows user is able to make his documents, emails, web pages, books and written thoughts sound with the voice he prefers and with the pitch, speed, and volume he would like to. 1st Read It Aloud1 doesn't need text for reading to be copied into clipboard so user will save his previous clipboard content. The program supports numerous voices in more than twenty different languages. It also supports both old SAPI4 and new SAPI5 speech synthesis technologies. User is encouraged to let computer talk with him and read him aloud as his parents did in childhood.

1st Read It Aloud! can use several different voices with the different texts or applications. For example, you may prefer the female voice of Julia to read your e-mails and the male Sidney’s one to read your Word documents. 1st Read It Aloud! offers the solution of this problem called Voice Slots. Each Voice Slot contains its own voice with pitch, speed, and volume presets and can be activated with individual hot key.

Unlike other soft of this kind 1st Read It Aloud! will read selected text from any Windows application and not only from popular text editors and browsers. 1st Read It Aloud! has several tools which can correct mispronunciation of words and prevent some unwanted characters (like slash, brackets. dash, etc.) from being read.

Key features
0 Just select necessary text in any application and enjoy listening
0 Choose one of the tens different voices
0 Use different voices for different hot keys
0 Change voice's speed, pitch and volume in one click
0 Correct the pronunciation of any word
0 User-friendly and handy interface

System Requirements:
1st Read It Aloud! will run under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003. The program requires 32MB of RAM, 5MB of disk space and sound card.

Price and Availability:
1st Read It Aloud! costs only $29.90 USD and may be purchased securely online at Multi-user options are available on the order form. A trial version and additional free voices are available from the Rich Speech web site at

About Rich Speech:
Established in 2004, Rich Speech, based in Astrakhan, Russian Federation, has been developing and marketing high-quality text-to-speech and voice recognition programs for Windows operating system.


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