The New Face of Investor Relations

From: StockBabes Inc
Published: Mon Sep 26 2005

San Diego, CA - Small-cap public companies are finding a new way to make investors aware of them; educated spokesmodels. Promotional models have been used for years by companies seeking to draw attention to their products and services, but rarely have they ever crossed over into the world of finance and investing.

A Southern California company is changing that. StockBabes Inc, through its teams of intelligent, educated (not to mention attractive) promotional models, is drawing attention to small public companies in every possible environment. From passing out flyers on the street, to the internet, with their website and its subscriber newsletter; from large financial conferences to exclusive hosted events for stockbrokers and large investors held at swank, trendy hotels and lounges, StockBabes models are getting attention for their clients in a most direct and eye-catching manner.

Does all this sound a bit unorthodox, or even wild? Good, because that’s the goal. "Quite often small companies are limited in the resources they can devote to investor awareness campaigns. "We utilize unconventional methods to maximize the impact of these limited resources." says Vincent Valentino, founder and CEO of StockBabes Inc. "A lot of small companies out there have a great product, solid management, and a fascinating story, but the public isn’t aware of any of that, and therefore doesn’t know about their stock. Many of them are household names, yet no one is aware that they’re publicly traded. We're using guerilla tactics to target the sector of the market that’s most interested in finding these stocks, and most likely to act on this information." Valentino is no stranger to guerilla tactics or the stock market. He formerly served in an elite Israeli Army recon unit, and his knowledge of the markets comes from his experience as an equities trader, a stockbroker and an investment banking and investor relations consultant.

In the world of small and micro-cap investor awareness campaigns there are a few traditional methods of getting a company’s story out. There are email campaigns, faxes, postcards sent by regular mail, and telephone calls to investors and brokers. While these techniques can be effective, they are becoming trickier from a regulatory standpoint, and email campaigns are becoming increasingly prevalent to the point of diminishing effectiveness. Often the best way to conduct a campaign is through a variety of techniques, and it appears as if this one will certainly get attention without the added burden of regulatory compliance issues.
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