From First Call to First Date. Tips from the front lines for that initial conversation.

From: The Right One
Published: Tue Jul 17 2007

Even in the wake of e-mail and instant messaging, there is no substitute for the first phone call. It is still a must to hold a "live" conversation, as opposed to an e-mail exchange, with someone you may want to get to know better. And, what transpires during that first call will likely open the door to that first date.

"It may be the age of technology, but we’re still talking dating and relationships – and that involves more than sending e-mail and text messages. Phone conversations are a must. Hearing the other person’s voice on the phone allows you to process more information about that person. Not only are you listening to what they say, but how they say it," said Paul A. Falzone, CEO of the world’s largest bricks and mortar dating service The Right One and Together Dating, as well as online hybrid

He continued, "What if you hadn’t called and you finally go on a date with that person who you’ve been emailing only to find out that his/her laugh and mannerisms freak you out because they are too much like your ex’s?"

How do you ensure that first call won’t be your last to that person you’d like to date? Falzone advises you to follow a few simple rules:

Call when you say you are going to call. Nothing is more aggravating than expecting a call only to receive it three days later at a highly inopportune time.

Try to relax. Both of you may be nervous during the first conversation and it’s okay to admit it. Be yourself and don’t try to put on airs or act mysterious. Remember, this is someone whom you’d like to get to know better and a potential relationship in the making.

Avoid TMI. Don’t share too much information too soon. Whether you’re dissatisfied with your job; your parents are insane; you’re dirt poor; you’re living like a rock star or you haven’t had sex in 10 years – keep it all to yourself.

Topics that should be explored include your interests, politics, recent vacations or events you’ve enjoyed, movies, music, food, pets, books and so on. There’s a variety of "safe" topics to discuss, essentially guaranteeing your call will be a success and lead to a first date, and a positive one at that.

Timing is everything. So you’re shy and feel much more comfortable sending e-mail than talking on the phone, but you know you must make that first call. Even though you may not want to talk on the phone, don’t end the call too quickly. Try to conduct at least a five to 10 minute conversation. For those of you who have no problem chatting it up, respect the other person’s time and don’t keep him/her on the phone for hours. If you’re hitting it off that well, make arrangements for a date and continue your conversation in person.

Close the deal. You’ve enjoyed your conversation, now it’s time to take it to the next step by either arranging a time to call again or making firm plans for a date.

"If you can be yourself, and be confident in who you are, a successful first call will lead to a successful first date – and love will eventually come knocking on your door," noted Falzone.

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