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Published: Tue Sep 27 2005

My Byline Media (http://www.mybylinemedia.com) has launched ElectronicWritingCourse.com (http://www.electronicwritingcourse.com), a companion website to the popular software writing course, Electronic Writing Course, on CD-ROM for Windows(R).

Based on training courses designed for US Federal Government employees, the Electronic Writing Course teaches writers and non-writers everything they need to know to become a good writer and editor. Through its dozens of interactive ideas, lessons, tips, quizzes, exercises and workshops, the Electronic Writing Course greatly improves users’ writing and editing skills.

"Poor writing habits and deficient editing skills -- especially in the workplace -- causes companies to lose lots of money and erodes their reputations in the long term," says Brian Konradt, a freelance writer and literacy advocate. "Poor writing is often linked to poor communication. And poor communication results in lost revenue."

The Electronic Writing Course helps companies teach their employees how to write correctly, communicate simply and strongly, and how to edit what they write. The end result: companies save money because they don’t have to fix or cover up costly writing mistakes on their print materials; companies increase sales because employees can communicate powerfully and effectively to clients; and companies maximize productivity because employees become more confident with their writing and editing abilities.

The Electronic Writing Course covers all aspects of good writing and editing, including how to: plan and organize effectively; write clearly; write concisely; write correctly; and edit thoroughly. The Electronic Writing Course teaches professional writing tips, and tackles different writing tasks such as letters, reports, regulations, instructions, and emails.

The Electronic Writing Course is widely used by individuals, both writers and non-writers, in the workplace or at home, who need to improve their writing skills for any number of reasons: to excel in school, land a better job, make more money in a career, jumpstart a business, improve sales and client-relations, or become the next best-selling author.

ElectronicWritingCourse.com (http://www.electronicwritingcourse.com) website provides a free narrative tutorial, covering the Course’s many exercises, workshops, lessons and quizzes, and demonstrates how it can greatly improve writing and editing skills. Additionally, ElectronicWritingCourse.com (http://www.electronicwritingcourse.com) offers a complete course curriculum at http://www.electronicwritingcourse.com/courseoutline.php and screen shots at http://www.electronicwritingcourse.com/screenshots.php

The Electronic Writing Course comes on a CD-ROM entitled "Software for Writers" with free bonus programs. Along with the full version of The Electronic Writing Course, users also receive a 30-day trial of Style Writer, the world’s largest style and usage checker, to help writers and non-writers write in Plain English.

The Electronic Writing Course may be purchased securely online at http://www.electronicwritingcourse.com or by calling My Byline Media at 800-797-9027 or 843-215-1492.

Established in 1996, My Byline Media is a publishing and direct marketing company, and owner of the websites ElectronicWritingCourse.com (http://www.electronicwritingcourse.com), and StyleWriter-USA.com (http://www.stylewriter-usa.com), a companion website to StyleWriter, the Plain English Editor software.
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