iPig Secures Any Public WiFi Hotspot Connection

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Published: Tue Sep 27 2005

iPig Secures Any Public WiFi Hotspot Connection

iOpus Software has released iPig V1.0 Beta (Freeware), the new and unique tool for secure connections at any public hotspot or network:

Do you connect to public or unencrypted WLAN hotspots, for example at airports or hotels?

Whenever you use an internet connection in a public or publicly accessible place, you put your data at risk. The internet connection may be a free or commercial WiFi hotspot, an Ethernet network jack in your hotel room, or a network drop in the office you’re visiting. Your data may be your email usernames and passwords, your emails, Instant Messages, web passwords, and all the web pages you visit. All of it can be intercepted easily and quickly by persons unknown, without your knowledge.

iPig keeps your WiFi connections safe from hackers, eavesdroppers and "Evil Twins" attacks.

Using powerful AES encryption technology, iPig (iOpus Private Internet Gateway) creates a secure "tunnel" that protects your inbound and outbound communications (Email, Web, IM, VOIP, calls, FTP, etc.) at any WiFi hotspot or wired network. Your sensitive information is not only protected between your computer and the wireless access point you're using, but all the way to iOpus' secure connection servers deep in the Internet. This ensures that your data can't be easily hijacked through the air and at the point it transitions to a "wired" Ethernet connection.

Unlike other technologies, iPig works with any kind of Internet connection. It requires NO configuration of any kind. The software runs on Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

How does iPig security compare to WEP or WPA encryption?

(1) WEP encryption is already broken and thus not secure. WEP will stop a casual user, but freely available programs like AirSnort enable any Cracker to break into your WLAN with little trouble. Making matters even worse, the cracking techniques most frequently used will work equally well no matter what WEP key length you're using.

(2) WPA encryption itself is secure, but stops at the hotspot. Thus while it protects your data while it is "in the air", it offers no protection at all if the hotspot itself is corrupted.

(3) In contrast, if data is encrypted with iPig, the data is still encrypted while it passes through the hotspot. Thus, even an "evil twin" attack can not compromise your security.

The iPig client software is FREEWARE. For more information, please visit the iPig homepage at http://www.iOpus.com/iPig, or download the software from http://www.iOpus.com/ipig/beta.htm

About iOpus GmbH:

Founded in 1998 and headquartered near Heidelberg, Germany, iOpus GmbH builds cost-effective software that is both powerful and easy to use. Its business products Internet Macros PRO and Scripting Edition are used by web site operators, Internet Service Providers and other IT professionals worldwide. Trial versions of these business products can be downloaded from http://www.iOpus.com. With iPig and iPig server, iOpus introduces new and extremely easy to use WLAN
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