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From: Pigsback
Published: Tue Sep 27 2005

ABC ELECTRONIC’s audited data provides the online media industry with a trusted and robust currency on which media space can be bought and sold, and delivers to the market independent assurance that a website is attracting the size of audience it claims.

Jo Malvern, UK Marketing Director from Pigsback.com comments: "Having recently launched in the UK, we are keen to present a clear and transparent view of our membership database. Pigsback.com’s unique Empathy Marketing® principles are built on trust between the consumer and brands and so it seems only natural to use eABC to provide us with independent statistics. This enables us to stand out as a credible and trusted website in the UK market."

Richard Foan, Managing Director of ABC ELECTRONIC comments: "We are extremely pleased to welcome Pigsback.com into registration, and look forward to the announcement of its first independently audited traffic figures. As more sites commit to delivering accountability and transparency by having their traffic figures audited, the online media industry can continue to secure a larger share of marketing spend."
Editor’s notes

About Pigsback

Pigsback.com is a reward-based consumer site, which has become the sixth biggest in Ireland, and has won both digital and marketing awards. The company creates successful consumers and brands partnerships: where consumers are rewarded and brands are able to reach carefully targeted audiences.

The core values of the company are based on Empathy Marketing® principles, which are: permission-based; relevance; edge; mix of hard and soft messaging; frequency of communications; messages, not adverts; and development, not technology.

This concept redefines the relationship between the brand and the consumer through trust, reward, feedback and fun - mainly in the lifestyle and entertainment arenas.

The Pigsback website specialises in providing a unique marketing service in which brand messages are welcome to the target consumers, which is primarily females, aged 25-35 and in the B/C1 demographic. Its skilled team balances marketing and communications with a strong understanding of technologies and business processes. Furthermore, the company is committed to providing a quality service that is mutually beneficial to brands and consumers alike.

Current brand partners include Ebay, Blockbuster, UGC Cinemas, CD Wow!, Figleaves, Virgin Wines and toptable.co.uk.



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ABC ELECTRONIC (www.abce.org.uk) was established in 1996 as the industry owned, tri-partite, not for profit organisation, which works on behalf of advertisers, media buyers and media owners to provide third party independent verification and certification for data related to electronic media (Internet, Email, SMS, Interactive TV, WAP, PDA and Streaming audio and video) in the UK and Ireland.

ABC ELECTRONIC’s role is to manage standards for the industry through its work with JICWEBS*, and to provide credibility, comparability and transparency for electronic media. This gives advertisers the opportunity to maximise returns on marketing budgets by using ABC ELECTRONIC certified media and ensures that stakeholders (marketers, investors, media owners, media buyers, advertisers) can invest in electronic media with confidence and trust.

ABC ELECTRONIC serves the online media communities in the UK and Ireland, and is leading an international network setting global standards for electronic media. ABC ELECTRONIC delivers global measurement standards for local markets through its work as Chair of the IFABC web standards group. www.ifabc.org

*JICWEBS (The Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards in the UK and Ireland) is a body created by the UK and Ireland media industry. Its purpose is to ensure independent development and ownership of standards for measuring on a site centric, census basis audience reach, frequency and activity levels including the use and effectiveness of advertising on electronic media. www.jicwebs.org. ABC ELECTRONIC supports the work of JICWEBS by delivering audit and certification services for electronic media usage to these industry agreed standards.

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