Veteran Turend Author Gets Even With the Army

From: Gold Leaf Press
Published: Thu Mar 10 2005

"I wrote this book to get even . . . with the army . . . for what they did to me," says Ron Green, author of Army Daze [Gold Leaf Press; March 2005]. "What they did," Green adds, "is give me the two of the best years of my life."

Such is the undercurrent of Green’s entertaining collection of atypical experiences during his two years as a drafted soldier in the United States Army. Stationed in Germany from 1957-1959, Green probably did have an angel on his shoulder (although his CO thought it was most likely the devil), but it wasn’t luck or charm or timing that ultimately inspired Green’s lifelong allegiance to the American flag and all it represents. It was the US Army and Green’s refreshing perspective on the experience.

"The army has a way of making men out of boys, but first they have to make you feel like a real dummy," Green states before illustrating the various ways both outcomes occur during Basic Training.

"Army Daze was originally presented as an ‘unconventional’ soldier’s memoirs but it was apparent very early in the development of the manuscript that Ron Green was unintentionally (and perhaps accidentally) offering much more." Said Gold Leaf Press Publisher Rebecca J. Ensign. "Basically, in a light, amusing and engaging way, this book will do more for Americans’ attitude toward the army, the draft and the military overall than any government issued literature ever could," Ensign adds.

Scheduled for publication in early March 2005, Army Daze is currently available through Gold Leaf Press, and initially by special order through most booksellers. Green also intends to conduct various booksignings, discussions and interviews throughout the country. He hopes this will be of particular interest to his fellow veterans of all branches of the military and looks forward to resurrecting their memories and insight.

"After all," Ron mentioned, "I know I can’t be the only one who worked the angles, found the value and the fun and looks back fondly on my time in the military. Maybe it’s about time we all got together and got the word out."

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