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Published: Tue Sep 27 2005


ABCSpell for Outlook Express Offers Spell Checking, Thesaurus and Dictionary Capabilities at Breakthrough Price

MIAMI, July 12, 2005 ¡V Isota LLC, a leading provider of spell checking software products, today released a new, "3-in-1" version of ABCSpell for Outlook Express, the popular, seamless, economical solution to Outlook Express users who want to add spell checking to their e-mail without having to purchase Microsoft Office. The new version features two major enhancements: an English-language thesaurus, plus an online word-lookup feature using Merriam-Webster's dictionary. Both new features will be accessed directly from Outlook Express' right-mouse menu for instant availability, in keeping with Isota's philosophy of seamless integration.

ABCSpell for Outlook Express plugs into Outlook Express and uses the application¡¦s existing spelling interface to provide spell checking with the look and feel of Microsoft Office. Outlook Express users can perform spell checking using the buttons and options in Outlook Express, yet enjoy ABCSpell¡¦s powerful spell checking engine technology and language dictionaries. The addition of the thesaurus and dictionary lookup features are expected to expand the appeal of this already popular product, and give Outlook Express users access to features otherwise not available without the purchase of Microsoft Word or Office.

ABCSpell for Outlook Express installs in seconds, and activates the Spell Checking button on the Outlook Express menu bar. When the button is clicked, ABCSpell performs a spell check that utilizes Outlook Express¡¦ spelling interface to report errors and make corrections. ABCSpell also activates the spelling and custom dictionary options in Outlook Express so users can set features according to their individual preferences. ABCSpell's features now include:

„X Spell checking in 13 languages
Isota currently offers 13 language dictionaries for its spell checking products. The dictionaries are available at no charge for downloading from the Isota web site. Language can be set easily in the Outlook Express Spelling options tab.

„X Wide range of customizable spelling options
Through the Outlook Express Spelling options tab, spell checking can be configured to optionally recognize or ignore certain types of words, such as common Internet words, and to perform an automatic ¡§Spell Check Before Send¡¨ on every message.

„X Editable custom dictionary
Using the Outlook Express interface, users can edit and manage their custom dictionary.

„X English-language thesaurus
The thesaurus provides synonyms, antonyms and related words, and is accessed by just right-clicking on the word to be looked up, and selecting "Thesaurus" from the right-mouse menu.

„X Instant definitions with Merriam-Webster word lookup
Users can get an instant definition for any word by right-clicking anywhere in the word and selecting "Merriam-Webster Word Lookup" from the right-mouse menu. ABCSpell opens a browser window and displays the page of Merriam-Webster's online dictionary where the definition of the word can be found.

„X Instant online updates
In addition to the features available through the Outlook Express interface, ABCSpell for Outlook Express also has its own separate display window. With ABCSpell¡¦s easy-to-use options, users can quickly search the Internet for updates, which can be downloaded and installed at the click of a button, or find answers to support questions online.

¡§ABCSpell for Outlook Express provides an ideal solution for Outlook Express users who do not need or want to purchase Microsoft Office, yet would like to have a full complement of spell checking, thesaurus and dictionary capabilities in their e-mail,¡¨ said Mark Geigel, president of Isota. ¡§Outlook Express ships with new PCs as part of Microsoft¡¦s basic Windows configuration, but Microsoft does not provide spell checking, except as part of Microsoft Office, or Word. With ABCSpell, users have access to spell checking, thesaurus, word look-up and multi-language capabilities at a price that makes sense for even the most budget-minded consumer.¡¨

ABCSpell joins Isota¡¦s line of spell checking products for retail and enterprise customers, as well as developers. Isota¡¦s current line includes a server-based product that provides cross-platform, cross-browser spell checking for Microsoft Outlook Web Access, a web developer toolkit for adding spell checking capability to web-based applications, and the full-featured, universal spell checker for most Windows applications, AccuSpell Desktop.

Pricing and Availability
The new version of ABCSpell for Outlook Express is expected to retail for $14.95, and will begin shipping in July. It is available as both an electronic download and as a CD from Isota¡¦s web site,

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Isota LLC is a worldwide provider of state-of-the-art, smart spell checking, dictionary and thesaurus products for individuals, small businesses, large organizations, and developers. A privately held corporation, Isota was founded by a group of technology professionals with decades of experience in the development of spelling tools and Windows hooking technology. Isota is headquartered in Miami, Florida.
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