3,000 jobs at risk in Derbyshire as train contract goes to Germans

Published: Thu Jun 23 2011

The Government’s decision to award German company Siemens a £1.5b contract to build the new Thameslink fleet has been described as a massive blow to Derbyshire.

Siemens fended off its competitor – Derby-based Bombardier - to be named as the preferred bidder.

Hopes were high the contract, involving up to 1,200 new vehicles, would be awarded to Bombardier and the decision to award it to its German competitor has caused concern and anger to UKIP’s Derbyshire MEP Derek Clark.

He said: "Awarding the Thameslink Contract to Siemens is indeed a big blow to Derbyshire.

"The loss of 3,000 jobs would be very serious and with manufacturing being run down in this country those workers would not easily find a comparable job near home.

"We have been badly let down by successive governments which have not made better efforts to retain manufacturing in this country.

"They have allowed technical training at schools and further education to fall by the wayside. They have also caved in to EU pressure.

"While we are in the EU we cannot do anything about competition rules and we cannot do anything to stop manufacturers going elsewhere.

"It's about time we got out of the EU altogether which is what UKIP has been saying for the last 18 years.

"Even former Prime Minister Gordon Brown talked about British jobs for British workers but nothing happened."

Mr Clark said successive British Governments had long since given up on ‘British jobs for British workers’, adding that as Brussels is concerned each Euro Region is as good as any other.
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