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Published: Tue Sep 27 2005

www.HorseToys.com - The Ultimate Online Toy Store for Plush Horse Toys and Books about Wild Horses Features the Award Winning "No More Night Mares"

September 27, 2005 - www.HorseToys.com, an online children’s retailer, is pleased to feature award winning toys and children's books that promote awareness and education for endangered animals including wild horses. The ‘No More Night Mares’, a 14’ inch plush horse with a magical nightlight designed to help overcome children’s nightmares won the PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD (Plush Toys for Kids category). As well, the ‘No More Night Mares, a Dream of Freedom’ book, a mythical children’s picture book about a herd of wild horses destined to light up the night sky, won the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD (Storybooks for Kids category).

The ‘No More Night Mares, a Dream of Freedom’ book is a mythical legend about a herd of wild horses that run free from man and escape to freedom in the night sky. The story tells children why they should not be afraid of the dark while the "Night Mares" are watching over them. Horse lovers of all different ages will love this story and enjoy the beautiful artwork done by Kim McElroy, a well known artist in the Horse industry out of Seattle, WA.

The ‘No More Night Mares’ plush toys and book create awareness for the plight of wild horses.

No More Night Mares: Listen to the call of the wild and remember…
The 'No More Night Mares' series of 14" plush horses (three mares, Comet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars) also have a night light situated on their blaze, (the white triangle shaped spot on a horse's face) that lights up a piece of the sky for children to fall asleep next to. Each comes with a comb and an identifiable Wild Heart gold star horse brand.

Book Excerpt: "Night Mares look down upon us and watch over us. It's their dream that there will always be wild horses living on the land below as a reminder of freedom. We can chase them from the lands, but we can't reach them in the stars. So, if you awaken to a storm with lightning and thunder on a dark night, it may just be the Night Mares, streaking across the sky...."
"We don't have to be afraid of the dark...Night Mares prance brilliantly against a background of black sky and glowing stars to light our way to a time long forgotten. Gaze up into their bright lights and they will guide you through the darkest of nights. And if you believe in them, they will fill you with a magical power.Listen to the call of the wild herd and remember..."
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