Emirates Computers launches the latest digital ‘paper’ technology at Gitex 2005

From: Emirates Computers
Published: Wed Sep 28 2005

Dubai, September 28, 2005: Emirates Computers launched the latest ‘digital paper’ technology and applications for the first time in the Middle East at Gitex today. The Digital paper combines amazing technology allowing the use of ordinary paper to enable the transmission of handwritten text and drawings via a mobile device or a computer. All captured graphics are converted to data and processed by back end applications and services. The innovative solution will allow both the corporate and individual users to benefit from the convenience of using a pen and paper and converting all the handwritten inputs into structured data and functions. Visitors at Gitex have a chance to win a Nokia SU-1B Digital Pen kit from Nokia at daily raffle draws held at the Emirates Computers’ stand at Gitex 2005.

Speaking on the technology behind Nokia’s SU-1B Digital Pen, Mr. Hani Harik, President of Emirates Computers says, “Pen and paper is still the most intuitive and preferred way to collect, store and distribute information and one of the natural ways of communicating. With a digital pen and ordinary paper we can create applications that combine the intuitive and proven method of communicating with the new digital possibilities. The paper is still there but when finished the information is delivered from the pen via a mobile device or PC to a backend system. The paper can be handed over to the partner or customer while the data is already processed in the back office.�

Applications based on Nokia’s digital pen can rationalise forms and information processes whilst at the same time make use of handwriting in everyday digital communication. Digital Paper enabled by Anoto™ Functionality entailing interpretation and transmission of handwritten text and images is based on a special digital pen and a paper printed with a pattern that is invisible to the eye. Advanced image processing and a complex infrastructure allow anything written with the Digital Pen on the paper to be transformed to digital media. XMS Penvision’s (Emirates Computers partner for X Media solutions) application generates the digital data and integrates it with other corporate application or end user productivity tools.

Mr. Daniel Segui, Business Development Manager and Co-founder of XMS Penvision adds, “Voice and handwriting are actually the preferred and intuitive ways to communicate, so when paper is required we can now combine the beauty of handwriting and paper with new communication possibilities.�

Mr. Dani Diab, Vice President and General Manager of Emirates Computers, further explains, “The digital pen writes on ordinary paper printed with a unique pattern that is almost invisible to the naked eye. When you look at a piece of paper enabling Anoto functionality, you’re actually looking at a fraction of a map that is equivalent to that of Europe and Asia combined. By registering the pen’s movement across the paper, and also the pressure, the writing is interpreted and digitalised. Hence the technology is not based on characters having to be written in a special way, in contrast to various other applications such as hand-held computers. Even drawn sketches can be interpreted and transferred. The Total Cost of Ownership is lower for the digital ‘pen and paper’ than that for a PDA. With this innovative technology and the simplicity it brings, our customers will be able to acquire a versatile, convenient and cost effective tool without the need for technical expertise or heavy training on use, to digitally capture all their processes and resulting data using the traditional pen and paper.�

Areas of application include data capture (forms processing), personal productivity (messaging and notes) and signature verification (authentication) thus opening up a new world of possibilities for the corporate and the end users.

Visitors can experience this amazing technology which will be displayed for the first time in the Middle East at the Emirates Computers stand (Hall 4 D4-1) at Gitex. They can also have the chance to win the Nokia SU-1B daily by taking part in the raffle draws at the Emirates Computers stand.

Apart from launching the latest technologies and announcing new partnerships, Emirates Computers will also be showcasing its leading application solutions, innovative technology solutions and is also organising impressive presentations for visitors at Gitex 2005.

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