Electronic Forms, Transaction Solutions Named Official Sponsors in REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certific

From: National Institute of Webographers
Published: Tue Jul 24 2007

While ZipForm® has been named the official sponsor of the electronic forms competency, RELAY™ has been designated sponsor of the online transaction management category. The National Institute of Webographers (www.webographers.com) recently awarded the sponsorships in support of its professional development offering.

As a leader in technology-awareness training, assessment and certification for real estate professionals, the National Institute of Webographers showcases exemplary products to best promote technology awareness and adoption by real estate professionals. The organization cites the pioneering efforts of ZipForm®, its breakthrough technology and integration capabilities as reasons for the designation.

"We are excited to showcase the ZipForm® and RELAY™ solutions to the candidates of the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certification. As the industry’s leading provider of electronic forms, ZipForm® and it’s one click integration with RELAY™ is perfect for real estate professionals looking to streamline their transactions after certification," said Marc Grayson, president of the National Institute of Webographers.

With the volume of forms in real estate, such as listing contracts, sales contracts, disclosure statements, offers, and counter-offers, electronic forms and transaction management applications allow for an organized and enhanced workflow in completing documentation within a transaction.

By providing integration and seamless interoperability with MLS databases, transaction management systems like RELAY™ and CRM tools such as Top Producer®, ZipForm® has given real estate professionals unprecedented efficiencies. Moreover, ZipForm® has led the way in flexibility and convenience by providing a wide range of access points to its solutions, from desktop applications using both the PC and Macintosh platforms to Web-based services and mobile devices.

"The naming of ZipForm® as the official sponsor for the electronic forms portion of the program is an honor. As a technology provider, we are in support of the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certification for the industry," said Robert Bailey, chairman of the board of RE FormsNet, the creator of ZipForm®. "We encourage real estate professionals to seek out this training for its positive impact on their professional growth and the added value it will help deliver to their customers."

The ZipForm® flagship product is available in two versions, ZipForm®Desktop and ZipForm®Online. ZipForm®Desktop resides on a laptop or desktop computer with all of its locally created transactions. ZipForm®Online gives real estate professionals the flexibility to securely access real estate forms and edit transactions from multiple locations via the Internet.

The ZipForm® family of tech-savvy products has become the recognized industry standard for electronic real estate forms and is currently used by more real estate professionals than any other real estate software program. ZipForm®Online also offers one-click integration with RELAY™ Transaction Management system. RELAY™ is the Web-based transaction management system/Internet tool that is the result of a collaborative effort between the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REALTORS® and Real Estate Business Technologies LLC. Real Estate Business Technologies LLC (REBT), a subsidiary of Real Estate Business Services Inc., provides technological solutions to REALTORS® that enhance the value of services REALTORS® deliver to their clients while improving REALTORS®' productivity and efficiency. RE FormsNet, the creator of ZipForm®, is a REALTOR BenefitsSM partner and the Official Forms Software of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. ZipForm® is available to more than 1,040,000 REALTOR® members in the U.S. For more information on the ZipForm® / RELAY solutions for today’s real estate industry, contact Wendy Waldrep wwaldrep@zipform.com.

About National Institute of Webographers, LLC
Since 2004, The National Institute of Webographers, LLC has specialized in the education, assessment and certification of web-based technologies known as Webography, an online business strategy designed for real estate professionals. The organization’s interactive courses allow students to learn - at their own pace - the elements necessary for every agent’s toolbox in order to properly create an effective web presence to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Upon earning the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certification, real estate professionals become committed to further embracing, accepting and adopting technology for themselves as well as their clients. Real estate technology training for the REAL ESTATE WEBOGRAPHER™ certification includes: Agent Websites, Single-property Websites, Lead Generation and Management, Virtual Tours, CMA and AVM technology, Neighborhood Search, Online Transaction Management, Electronic Forms, Blogs, Mobile Technologies, Virtual Assistants, and finally, the Learning Laboratory™ – a universal demo account for candidates to access an array of showcased technologies. For more information on The National Institute of Webographers, please visit www.webographers.com.
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