PUAsense.com Launches Gimmick Free Practical Guide to Picking up Women

From: puasense.com
Published: Sat Jul 02 2011

puasense.com a new free online recourse to help men who have fallen pray to bad advice from the dating/seduction/pickup community and helps put them on the right track to getting successful with women has recently been launched.

Puasense.com specializes in assisting men who have difficulty getting and dating attractive women and don’t know where to turn to due to the huge amount of bad and contradictory advice out there. It includes articles on all aspects of dating and meeting women as well as reviews on the best dating/seduction products available and a detailed beginner’s guide for those wanting to start learning how to be better women and overcome their fears related to approaching.

Jay Walker who runs puasense.com started his journey being useless with women this led him to the pickup community. Over time as his skills with women improved he came to realize that much of the advice given out by these gurus was often what guys wanted to hear rather than what they needed to hear.

“Most guys severely under perform when getting attractive women and so buy into various PUA (Pick up artist) gurus. I’ve spent a large amount of time in the pick up community going out with guys who have become groupies to various pickup methodologies, the vast majority of these men have wasted their time. The honest truth is that pickup is simple but most people learn it the wrong way by learning over complicated routines and tactics rather than making simple but effective changes to themselves. So I created puasense.com as a recourse for guys who don’t want to be sidetracked by the bizarre tactics of the PUA community and instead help guys learn to socialize and meet women without gimmicks and routines”

For more information go to www.puasense.com/get-the-girl/ or puasense.com. Alternatively feel free to email Jay Walker for any advice.

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