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From: Acon Digital Media GmbH
Published: Wed Sep 28 2005

Karlsruhe, Germany. 29 September 2005 – The brand new application My Ringading from specialist music software developer Acon Digital Media is being released today. It enables any PC user to take any piece of music and turn it into a real music ring tone in less than three minutes. My Ringading makes creating truly unique ring tones a child’s play. The application takes the user by the hand to transfer the ring tone to the mobile phone through a choice of common routes like infrared, cable or Bluetooth. In addition to these completely free options, My Ringading also provides cost effective WAP uploads.

Managing Director Stian Aagedal: "In the development of My Ringading we used Acon Digital Media’s music editing expertise and technology and then put a lot of emphasis on opening all possible routes to easily transmit the ring tone from a PC or laptop to a mobile phone. The routes include data cable, infrared and Bluetooth at a mouse click. With the addition of the WAP upload option, the application works for everyone with an internet connection." Aagedal emphasizes: "WAP uploads are very cost effective and should not be confused with the overpriced "Premium-SMS-offerings" of ring tone vendors that have come into disregard lately."

Mobile phone ring tones have become a global industry, worth US$ 4 billion. Ring tones are offered at considerable cost, using marketing methods that have been called dubious. The British High Court recently upheld adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority, which found that children had unwittingly run up large phone bills through hidden weekly subscription charges. With the many complaints of parents effected by ring tone subscriptions, this new software development provides an economical solution to every household that has spend more than €16.90, topped up with the opportunity to create truly unique ring tones.

My Ringading reads WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, OGG, AVI (sound track), WMV (sound track import), formats which are widely used. But the My Ringading application will also import and rip songs from audio CDs through a PC’s CD player and, with the developer constantly trying to help people’s creativity, the user can also record his or her own music through the PC’s sound card. The application reads, rips, crops, copies and pastes songs or adds fades. It also provides easy to use editing tools for amazing studio effects like echo, reverb or pitch shifting and also comes with a volume normalization and equalizer function.

Compatibility, Price and Availability
The output formats MP3, WAV and SMAF make the application compatible with a large range of mobile phones. My Ringading requires a Windows PC with Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or later (available as a free download from and a free trial version is available. A full single user license of My Ringading costs only €16.90, puts an end to ongoing costs and subscription charges and provides unlimited opportunities for free ring tones from your own creation or any existing piece of digital music.

About Acon Digital Media
Acon Digital Media GmbH is a privately held company founded in April 2003. The specialist developer is committed to furthering the quality of applications within the field of digital media editing. The company publishes its own developments and offers software development services. My Ringading is a brand new software development, drawing on the company’s music editing software expertise and technology. With the ring tone editor Acon Digital Media is set to provide a cost effective, creative home entertainment solution to millions of PC and mobile phone users.

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