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From: Carsten Heidtke Software
Published: Wed Sep 28 2005

Cambridge, Washington, Hamminkeln. September 29th, 2005. -- There are snoopers at home, in the office and on the internet in search for compromising information. Sufficient reason to eliminate all tracks that browsing the net leaves on the hard disk. Fabofix is a new software program today being released in eight languages, helping to guard the net user’s privacy on a range of internet browsers by thoroughly eliminating the history, cookies, AutoCompletes, passwords, index.dat and other traces from browsing the web.

Most users are unaware of the amount of information their computer secretly accumulates about their internet usage. With no regards for the user’s privacy, the web browser saves copies of all web pages visited in the PC’s cache. It stores the URLs of all websites browsed. While many users in blind confidence type passwords and credit card details into their computer, it frequently stores these sensitive details, too.

All this data can be used against employees or husbands. When an employee falls into disgrace it helps the boss to prove that he or she used the internet for private ends. Wives may overreact when their partner’s computer shows traces of visits to dating services (even a simple advertising pop-up will be stored as such). Cookies, cache files and AutoCompletes are a playground for hackers. This data may help fraudsters to gain control over a user’s PC and to implement viruses or to start spam mailings over the users e-mail account.

The endless amount of compromising personal data accumulated on the hard disk at the office and at home clearly proves the need for privacy protection with Fabofix. But how does it work? Most web browsers offer features to clear the cache and / or the history, ignoring at the same time records secretly registered by the system. In the opinion of software developer Carsten Heidtke this should not be tolerated. It also was his motive for developing the brand new Fabofix v1.0, being released now in eight languages. Heidtke states: "Fabofix may not clear the user’s conscience, but it does clear his history." Fabofix detects the most popular web browsers. It controls the information each browser collects and where it stores the data. The user can then, with a simple mouse click safely eliminate all traces - never to be seen again.

Fabofix automatically detects and lists all known browsers on the system (Internet Explorer 5 and 6; Firefox 1.0 or higher; Opera v6 to 8; Netscape v6 to 8, Mozilla 1.7 or higher and browsers based on the IE concept, like the AOL Suite). The application was developed for the widest compatibility possible. In addition to the recognized browsers above, the user can add unknown browsers to the cleaning routine. Once the browsers are listed by Fabofix, starting the cleaning process is a thing of pressing a button (or the F8-key) and Fabofix will eliminate all traces. This can even include up to five of the profiles that Netscape and Mozilla store on the hard disk.

Fabofix takes care of:
* Emptying the cache: Eliminating for example all the html files, image files and web pages stored
* Clearing the history: Deleting the URL’s visited.
* Eliminating URLs typed: If the user types in URLs browsers keep them on a separate list – Fabofix eliminates these traces
* Deleting Cookies stored by many web-sites on hard disks.
* Passwords: Browsers offer to remember user IDs and passwords. This seems convenient but is potentially dangerous – Fabofix takes them away.
* AutoComplete: AutoCompleting names, numbers, addresses and credit card numbers seems convenient until hackers or snoopers find them. Fabofix takes them off.
* The download-history: Who needs to know the filed a user downloaded from the web? Probably no one. Fabofix can take this history away, too.
* Eliminating the Alexa-extension in Internet Explorer and the BackWeb lite extension in Netscape 8.

The application scores through an attractive and clearly laid out interface, logging and autostart capabilities, and the option of sending deleted files to the Recycle Bin. Carsten Heidtke says: "This application is a must have for anyone who uses more than one browser. Never again will you need to scroll through various menu items, buttons, or even files and folders only to get confused. Fabofix takes care of all that automatically as soon as you start it."

A free 30-days trial version of Fabofix 1.0 can be downloaded from http://www.dupehunter.com/en/ff/download/. The full version key costs only €12.- (approx US$14.50 or GB£8.50). If piece of mind could just always cost as little.

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Carsten Heidtke is a specialist developer providing easy to use tools and utilities to solve everyday issues on computer and the internet. The young and dynamic team sells its developments in eight languages directly off the net to the private user and over 800 businesses and institutions around the world.

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