Expo Africa 2005 steals idea from Flavors of Africa

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Published: Thu Sep 29 2005

Stone Mountain, GA -- Management of Flavors of Africa notified Management of Expo Africa on Sept. 19, 2005 to cease and desist use of Kunmi Oluleye's intellectual property. Flavors of Africa was registered April 2004.

Excerpts from letter sent below.

It has come to my attention that you have made unauthorized uses of my ideas – Flavors of Africa – for Expo Africa 2005. These ideas was first spoken to Kwabena Asamoah at the Ghana Expo in September 2005, later written in several emails to Kwabena then spoken to Karen Mason in a phone conversation earlier 2005.

I communicated to Kwabena that the event needed to encompass the entire continent. It was avoided by many Africans. I also mentioned that the exhibitors needed to make back the money they put in. Here are a few public feedbacks and my observation of Ghana Expo.
1. It was a money making event for the organizers (especially Karen & Kwabena).
2. Most of the exhibitors from Ghana, lost money and were stuck in Atlanta. I spoke with a number of them, a number of them said they borrowed money to come to the event thinking they would make the money back plus more, a few cried. They said they were lied to and would not return in 2005.
3. Organizers knew these exhibitors did not make money because of poor attendance and did nothing in form of reimbursement to the exhibitors they knew of.
4. It was political, many Ghanaians felt ignored and not represented because they were not Ashanti.

The old Expo Africa site listed 20 Collaborators that you were working with. This information is false. One of those listed was the Corporate Council on Africa. I got calls from at least 5 of those listed. They had and still have no involvement with Karen Mason or any other Expo Africa team member. My guess is that those people called the Expo Africa organizers to have their names removed because that information is no longer on the site.

There is also false information stated in the TV clips shown and radio ads broadcasted in Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Up to a few weeks ago, Expo Africa was setup as the predecessor Ghana Expo, now when compared to Flavors of Africa, Expo Africa 2005 is essentially identical to Flavors of Africa and clearly used Flavors of Africa as its basis.

1. This Expo Africa site is patterned like last’s year Ghana Expo.
2. This new site registered Feb. 15, 2005 now incorporates many of Flavors of Africa’s contents www.flavorsofafrica.com.
3. Expo Africa publications – flyers, booklets, etc..
4. Expo Africa Marketplace copied from Flavors of Africa Marketplace.
5. There are people on the Expo Africa team that are playing both sides, who have access to my Flavors of Africa info, including my sponsorship booklets. I was told that Karen reviewed the booklet and incorporated it in Expo Africa 2005.

As you neither asked for nor received permission to use my ideas, sponsorship booklet, website contents and structure as the basis for Expo Africa 2005, I believe you have willfully infringed my rights and could be liable for statutory damages.

I demand that you, managers, employees and all others affiliated with Expo Africa 2005 cease the use and distribution of all infringing works derived from Flavors of Africa. I look forward to your immediate compliance with the essence of this demand. If that compliance is not forthcoming or I fail to receive any satisfactory written response from you within ten days of the date of this letter, then further appropriate action will be taken. Expo Africa 2005 will be closely watched.

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