UK and USA Join Forces to Battle Superbug

From: Aspenbloom
Published: Thu Sep 29 2005

Well-known USA Author, Nani Aki Linder and the Bella Moss Foundation in the UK have joined forces to continue the ongoing battle against the superbug, MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus).

Nani Aki Linder, author of Trial by Fire: A True Story of Hope first learned of the UK based foundation through friend Kim Bloomer of Aspenbloom Pet Care the USA Representative for the foundation. After learning of Jill Moss' loss of her beloved companion and friend, Bella (a beautiful white Samoyed dog) to the superbug MRSA, Linder wanted to do something to help the research continue.

Linder suffers with her own health after a reaction to a prescribed medicine effectively ruined her immune system making each day of life for her a gift which she embraces wholeheartedly. Linder felt that since MRSA is both a human and an animal problem, she would extend her help to bring awareness and continued research into preventing these infections. "Today I personally appeal to all of humanity to take the time to read of this looming threat from a courageous woman named Jill Moss who is determined to turn tragedy into awareness and support scientific research for the cure of this disease called MRSA. While her appeal is a direct one for pets, this shall also benefit humans because shining the light on this serious Staph infection keeps human medical caregivers alert and scientists vigilant", stated Linder passionately.

"Why should anyone care about this?" asked Bloomer, "because this superbug is in every single veterinary hospital and every single human hospital lurking and waiting. Bella merely went in for a routine surgery to repair her torn knee ligament never to recover. She contracted this superbug which loves to infect a suppressed immune system which anyone or any animal has during surgery. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are either because this superbug is virulent. Add to this routine antibiotics and you have an infection waiting to happen " responded Bloomer, "had the proper precautions been taken and Bella not left to die unattended by the veterinary staff, with only her 'mum' Jill with her, she would still be with us today. How many Bellas is it going to take before the veterinary profession wakes up? If a staph infection is resistant to antibiotics, WHY are antibiotics used to treat it making it even more virulent? Remember that MRSA is a mutated human disease now infecting our pets and we need to do something to prevent it!"

Both Linder and Bloomer are animal lovers and want to see the foundation Moss started enabled to continue the research into preventing, awareness, and education to the world about this superbug. In order to do this, the Bella Moss Foundation ( ) needs funding so on October 4, 2005 in conjunction with World Animal Day ( ) Linder will offer 100% of the royalties of her book Trial by Fire: A True Story of Hope to the Bella Moss Foundation.

"We implore you on behalf of the Bella Moss Foundation, to please purchase the book on October 4, 2005 in order to help the foundation continue its work" requested Bloomer. To order use these links:

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