Flying J Refinery Selects Revinetix’ Sentio™ Appliance to Back-up the Refinery’s Operational Data Se

From: Revinetix
Published: Thu Sep 29 2005

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - September 29, 2005 - Revinetix, a pioneer in Disk2Disk2Disk™ backup solutions, today announced that Flying J Refinery has installed a Revinetix Sentio2000™ network backup appliance to protect the petroleum refinery’s daily process and operational data. Flying J Refinery had formerly been relying on tape libraries as its primary means of data backup, which over time, could not keep up with the refinery’s desired data protection requirements.

"The Revinetix disk backup system gives us everything we need to safeguard our critical operating data," said Flying J Refinery IT Manager Kyle Stowell. "We wanted a faster, more robust and expandable solution to handle our increasing demands. Revinetix delivered us a complete turn-key solution that includes hardware and software with a single license fee regardless of the number of servers we have to backup."

The Flying J Refinery is an important link in the largest retail distribution chain of diesel fuel in North America. Located in North Salt Lake, Utah, the refinery operates numerous Netware® and Windows® -based servers that monitor the refinery’s daily process activities and performance. Given the dangers of the processes involved in petroleum refining, it is imperative that the company’s data be routinely monitored and backed-up.

After evaluating several backup options, Flying J Refinery chose a Revinetix Sentio2000 to handle its daily backup needs. The Sentio2000 offers up to 2TB of raw data capacity and client-side compression to increase capacity to up to 4TB. Like other Sentio models, the device features hot swappable serial ATA (SATA) drive technology and supports scheduled automated backups to the desktop level for every machine connected to a network. The appliance also includes high performance processors, RAID 5 redundancy, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet controllers, and dual redundant load sharing power supplies together with all the necessary client software pre-loaded.

Unparalleled Flexibility
Revinetix supports removable disk drive technology that enables customers to grow their capacity without the need to upgrade to new, expensive equipment. This technology allows users to store data off-line and off-site on easily removable archive disk drives, totally eliminating the need to transfer data to serial magnetic tape and providing rapid data access and restore when required. The unique Revinetix system of disk communication allows the device to read and write different files at the same time – an impossible task to accomplish using serial tape technology. This expanded data handling capability dramatically reduces the amount of time required for data backup and recovery.

Flying J Refinery’s IT department now removes an archive disk from the Sentio2000 each day and transports it off-site for additional data protection and disaster recovery. "The ability to off-line our data without having to transfer it to tape has simplified and shortened procedures more than we imagined," Stowell continued.

Flying J Refinery’s automated backup has already resulted in reduced administrative costs. "The Revinetix solution offered us a complete solution for one cost; we no longer needed to purchase additional licenses for each server we wanted to safeguard," Stowell said. "We can also use the offline-to-disk feature to ensure the viability of our data regardless of the situation."

About Revinetix, Inc.
Revinetix, Inc. is a pioneer in Disk2Disk2Disk™ backup and recovery solutions. Founded in the fall of 2003, Revinetix has revolutionized backup and recovery technology with the introduction of CLICK–EJECT–ARCHIVE™. Revinetix offers the first total disk backup solution that allows automated backup schedules for every user on the network and allows critical data to be stored safely off-site from a single appliance. To learn more about Revinetix, visit or call 1-888-264-5116 for more information.

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