Dental Treatment in Goa = Holiday in Goa FREE!

From: International Dental Centre Goa
Published: Fri Sep 30 2005

Here is how you can make your holiday to Goa absolutely FREE ! Consider how much you pay for Dental treatment in Europe or America ...are the long lines and frustrating long waits at an NHS dentist wearing you down ? Compare our pricing with that of any NHS service or private practice for that matter, we will leave the competition behind.

Lets put in a simple scenario...You are living in the UK, and this year you have chosen GOA, India to be your holiday destination.

Cost of charter flight: 250-350 pounds

Cost of Hotel: 200-300 pounds for 2 weeks

Cost of Food/Entertainment: 200 pounds

On an average we are looking at 600 pounds per person for the entire holiday.

Now consider this, in the UK an average crown costs you 200 pounds, teeth whitening 300 pounds, a bridge for 1 missing tooth needs 3 crowns so you spend 600 pounds. You have tooth whitening and a bridge put in would cost you 900 pounds ...Now , at our surgery you would spend 180+60=240 pounds a grand saving of 660 pounds ..isn't that a holiday FREE !!

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