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From: UNGSoft Developers Group
Published: Fri Sep 30 2005

As far as you know Windows XP Home is very limited in comparison with Windows XP Professional. Before recent days there was no suitable software for Windows XP Home NTFS Security management.
Today every Windows XP Home user can manage advanced security settings for files, permissions, and ownership, perform other security tasks more easily and faster than XP Pro users.

File Security Manager is unique and innovative software, used to manage file and folder permissions (Access control) in Windows XP Home Edition. With File Security Manager now Windows XP Home users and laptop owners can easily manage access to files and folders through an advanced interface. For example, you can allow access to file or folder for ones users or groups and deny for others. The program integrates ease of use, convenient user interface and even Security Wizard which allow performing any security operation very quickly and simply. Program also includes Secure deletion feature and fast File browser.

Why File Security Manager?
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition has no usable tools for performing security tasks:
• Access Control feature - to restrict access to selected files, applications, and other resources for certain users or groups and allow access for others users or groups - unfortunately not included in Windows XP Home Edition, as you can see here at the Microsoft website in the Windows XP Comparison Guide:
• There are no Security tab in folder (of file) Properties Dialog window, if you use Windows XP Home Edition. And this tab can not be enabled in folder options like when using Windows XP Professional Edition. It's impossible to manage files and folders permissions without File Security Manager because of Windows XP Home Edition limitations.
• Windows XP Home Edition contains a small program - cacls. This program allows managing file and folder permissions but it is not provides Graphical User Interface and cannot be used to manage advanced permissions. As you can see cacls isn't suitable software for access control editing.
• Windows XP Home Edition is not allows managing file and folder permissions using Windows Explorer and any other standard Windows program, but it allows other, third-party software to perform any security operations including managing files and folders permissions.

Benefits of using File Security Manager.
Often, especially when computer (or laptop) connected to network (for example office or home network) or there are two or more user accounts, it is required to allow access to some files and folders and deny access to another files and folders. For example allow access to shared folder but deny access to subfolder of the shared folder, allow access for one user or group and deny for other, allow copy executables from shared folder but deny launch them when they are accessed through network. You can use File Security Manager to perform any of these and any others security tasks. Your copy of Windows XP Home Edition becomes a bit like Professional Edition with File Security Manager.

By ordering File Security Manager you can save your money in comparison with purchasing Windows XP Professional. This program for everyone who uses Windows XP Home at office, home or on laptop. License type of the program is shareware and you try it before you buy. Download trial version for free at
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