Researcher Discovers 225 Words that Sell when Used in Advertising

Published: Sat Oct 01 2005

PIEDMONT, S.C. – Need a resource for crafting attention-grabbing advertisements that get results?

It is all about the words.

Just ask Timothy Peterson, a researcher who has recently published "225 Hot Words That Make Money" after more than 20 years in the advertising business.

Peterson's report lists those words and phrases used most often by successful copywriters.

"225 Hot Words That Make Money" is a tool for advertisers, publishers and business owners who want to "write more effective advertisements and make more money in the process," the author explained.

Peterson discovered that words can either captivate an audience or cause their eyes to glaze over. Words such as "incredible," "secret," "sexy," and "you" are powerful attention-grabbers in advertisements, he said. The report lists 225 words guaranteed to see results.

"These words have been around forever and are used by every professional copywriter," Peterson said. "This compilation is invaluable to anyone wanting to create sharp ads that pull in a broad audience. Simply refer to this report and use the words that fit and work in your favor."

An example of a word that works, he said, is the use of the word "fix," as opposed to "repair" in advertisements. He said when that word change was made, interest in the advertisement skyrocketed. Other words that boost advertisement sales include "free" and "bonus," he said.

The report also reveals why the phrase "Buy One Get One Free" attracts more sales than either "Buy One Get One For 1 Cent" or "Buy One Get One Half-Off."

"I'm happy – and proud – to be able to offer this report as a resource to the advertising community. It represents many years of my personal research," Peterson said.

The report is available from Peterson directly. To order a copy, pay securely with a credit card or checking account at by making a payment to, or mail a payment to Timothy Peterson, 101 Jameson Dr., Piedmont, SC 29673. The report costs $5.

Additional information is available at the author’s web site .

Timothy Peterson

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