Intelligent Design, Or Natural Processes?

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Published: Sat Oct 01 2005

Alexandria, VA -- Was the universe created by Intelligent Design, or did it somehow "just happen" as a result of "natural processes?"

This is the most important question of all time. If the universe was created by Intelligent Design, then the next step is to try to identify the Designer. This path quickly leads to a recognition of God, then on to Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, the three revealed religions based on the One God.

If, however, the universe was not created, but merely "happened," then there is no need to seek a Designer, and no need to recognize any God. This path quickly leads to Atheism, nihilism, and personal destruction.

For me, the evidence of Intelligent Design is overwhelming, summarized in my "Letter In Reply To An Atheist," written to a non-believer a few years ago. To me, it is preposterous to believe that the earth was created any way other than by Intelligent Design.


Letter In Reply To An Atheist
June 15, 1997 (original date)

Hi Eddy,

I just returned from visiting my older daughter and her husband in rural Virginia, at a place called Singer's Glen. One of their friends owns a spring, where pure water gushes out of a hole in the side of a hill. Not being a country boy myself, I had never actually seen anything like this before. My son-in-law and I went up into the woods and brought back two gallons of this spring water for me to take back to my girl friend.

As I was watching this spring gush forth pure water, I thought of you, and it occurred to me how totally impossible it would be for this huge, intricate life-support system called Earth to have happened by itself, by accident. Forget about "the origin of life," and "evolution," and "origin of the universe," and all these questions with complicated theoretical answers.

Focus instead on the preposterous idea that mountain spring water, forming streams, forming rivers, to the sea, then evaporated, up to the atmosphere, cooled, raining down, soaked into the earth, re-cycled again could have happened by accident. You might as well believe that a Mercedes Benz happened by some kind of accidental interaction between tools and materials.

No. This is a created Earth. It happened not by accident, but by design. Evidence of design is everywhere.

And if it is created, then there must be a Creator. And if there is a Creator, then why did He (it?) create it? And what does He (it?) want from His (its) creation? Once you start answering these questions, it leads you straight to the Bible, then straight to Jesus Christ.

But the process all begins with a willingness to accept the idea of an Earth created by design. If you can deny a created Earth, then you can deny anything! And that is the essential position of Atheists: they are all in massive denial, because they do NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THE REALITY of a Creator.

Atheists like to attack the literal truthfulness of the Creation Story in Genesis, and Christians feel compelled to defend it. But the literal truthfulness of Genesis is a bogus issue. (Genesis is poetry anyway, not a news report or a textbook.) The real issue is creation: was the Earth created or not?

If the Earth was not created, then you can forget about God, do whatever you want. When you die, you die, and that is it.

But if the Earth *was* created, then you had better get straight with your Creator as soon as you can, before it is too late for you.

And Jesus' offer of Salvation still stands, for you, good as ever. Please accept it.

Yours in Christ,

Bill McGinnis


Blessings to you in the name of the One God, Who created all things.

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