Stephen Noton given Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador status

From: Adverted Internet Advertising Agency
Published: Sat Oct 01 2005

Pretty scary to think that putting the wrong person or company in charge of your website can make the difference between success and failure and this is why companies like Yahoo! and Google now educate, review and qualify people directly. To date there is no Search Engine Marketing PhD’s so it’s been hard for companies to tell a bad company from the next. Well not anymore, if the branding company or advertising agency you are using isn’t qualified by Google or Yahoo! then you have to ask yourself why?

Yahoo! has updated the transition from the Overture brand to the Yahoo! Search Marketing brand and now they happily are welcoming Search Engine Marketing professionals and Agencies into their newly named Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador program, previously known as Overture Ambassador program.

One of the first people to be personally invited into this updated program was Stephen M. Noton, whom for the last 5 years has been working with corporate client accounts and was one of the earlier users of the system back when it was still called GoTo. After the personal invite Mr. Noton quickly went back to school, Yahoo! style. He studied up on all the Yahoo! course material and since he’d been actively using the system for years most of it was just a refresher but he did say this "Even though most of the things I’d already known I surprised myself in that fact I learned about 1 new feature buried within the system".

The Adverted Internet Advertising agency not only has the status of having a Yahoo! Ambassador on staff they also have a Google Advertising Professional, who again is Mr. Noton. Most of us have known Mr. Noton was one of the first Google Professionals and he certainly has been one of the more active in the industry, "I’ve been brought in by companies and other agencies to re-manage and re-build their AdWords campaigns as most are realizing that there is more to the system then most people see".

Mr. Noton is now based in Singapore setting the Asian division and he is slowly educating businesses and other agencies in the region on how to successfully build and manage Internet Advertising. He is surprised at the lack of knowledge not at the company level but at the agency level here in Singapore. Without going into names Mr. Noton said "We’ve seen very large travel portals and even several public companies built and manage in such a way that even Fortune 500’s here in Asia are secretly promoting other websites as the design houses and branding companies that they’ve hired have staff that utilize these corporate websites for their own gain". Don’t let these things happen to you, always ask to see an agencies web page at Google and Yahoo! to verify that they at lease met the minimum Search Engine Marketing standards.

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