PA Public Relations Co. Selected as Public Relations Company for Joan Robertson

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Published: Sun Oct 02 2005

PA Public Relations Co. Selected as Public Relations Company for Joan Robertson Author of In The Winter of Her Season

PA Public Relations Co. Selected as Public Relations Company for Joan Robertson Author of In The Winter of Her Season. Phil Andrews is also C & B Books Distribution public relations director. Mr. Andrews has served in many capacities during the last decade such as 100 Black Men Board of Directors, Roosevelt Chamber Commerce Board Member. He has been honored as the Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/Roosevelt Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year 1995 and Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce/West Indian Chamber of Commerce Small Business person of the year. Mr. Andrews is also listed in Who’s Who in Black America and has been featured in Community Journal Newspaper, Point of view newspaper, Shop Talk Magazine, Amsterdam news, and Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review.

He is featured in the book 15 Years of Minority Business Development written by Mr. Robert H. Adams publisher of the Economic Forum Newspaper/Minority Business Review. Mr. Andrews has served on the Executive Board of the Hempstead NAACP and is certified as a Mentor by the 100 Black Men of America, Inc.

In The Winter Of Her Season
By Joan Robertson
(Summer 2005)
ISBN: 1-4137-6086-4
Published by PublishAmerica, LLLP

In The Winter of Her Season is the first novel to appear on this Website In The Winter Of Her Season, is about finding one's purpose during life's wintry storms. Have you ever experienced a long winter in your life, when nothing seems to be growing, every area of your life is going wrong, or painful memories of the past remain frozen in your mind? Perhaps you are silently enduring a winter season right now. But let me ask you, "What lessons are you learning from it?" Yes, life's most valuable lessons are learned in the midst of pain. Of course, no one wants to go through pain. Yet, it's the place where we draw strength, overcome, eventually triumph.

If you are a woman who believes that fiction mirrors life, then perhaps this first-featured novel is for you. Through Sandra Hamilton's spiritual journey as described below, the book may:

help you evaluate the trials of your life and glean meaning from them;
move you from uncertainty about your existence on earth to a dawning that you were placed here by design;
encourage you to seek God, though in the past you may have thought that He abandoned you or seemed far away; and
provide hope that you may be freed from any emotional scars, and move toward forgiveness, even victory.
Sandra's Journey:

Sandra Hamilton, a young businesswoman, travels to Massachusetts to help care for her cancer-stricken father, Reverend Dr. Trevor Hamilton Jr. Upon arriving, Sandra is haunted by the ghosts of her childhood, stemming from secrets only she knows but does not address. After her father's initial crisis is over, Sandra finds her journey just beginning. Not only does her mother die, but Sandra also suffers other losses, causing her to spiral into deep-rooted despair. All the while, however, one particular question plagues her: Why has her life been spared? The answers begin to reveal themselves to Sandra through what she believes to be her mother's voice, a voice only Sandra can hear. Sandra pieces the puzzle together with the help of her dreams, revelatory occurrences, and the insight of Reverend Dexter, leading her to believe that she must transcend her challenges by cultivating a connection with her own inner voice and finally revealing her family's secrets. In the end, Sandra learns the lesson of forgiveness, and rediscovers faith in her life, love, God, and self.

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