Out of the closet and looking good.

From: Stilista LLC
Published: Mon Aug 06 2007

Dressed for success and announcing the creation of their new Boston-based style consulting company, the stylists at Stilista Boston are ready to take on your fashion needs.

You must be out of excuses. You've got the Style Network and hundreds of fashion magazines. You've got more and more stores popping up with bigger shelves and longer racks, turning over larger inventories. You've never had more options for clothing and accessories (not to mention price ranges; think of all the designer names that have jumped on the bandwagon with lower-priced lines in department stores!). So why are you having such a tough time getting dressed?

You could call Stilista, a new Boston-based style consulting company. The founders, Alice K. Miles and Maria Vasilevsky, have made it their mission to "bring the fashion status of Boston residents up a notch or two." After a decade of working in the industry, they've got plenty of fashion savvy to spare.

With so many options available, consumers often have a difficult time choosing the items that really work for them. In chasing after what's in style at the moment, people sometimes overlook the basics of looking good. Stilista's services build off the foundation of always finding a proper fit.

"If a garment doesn't fit you right, it really doesn't matter what designer label is on it or how much you paid for it, it's not going to look good," says Miles, who has dressed clients at Bloomingdales and Anthropologie and styled models at Louis Boston.

"We never wanted to be a one woman show," says Vasilvesky, who specializes in the company's corporate attire service and the unique "pregnant and fabulous" service. Stilista offers a team of seasoned stylists to offer the right taste to any client.

Personal shopping and deep analysis of your closet is just the beginning. Stilista has plenty of unexpected services to distinguish itself from other image consultants. They'll help you hunt down vintage finds or assist you in your mission to buy organic clothing. They'll donate any clothes you don't want anymore and send you the receipt for tax deduction services.

And they'll dress the Boston male population with the same gusto. "Men often are not aware of all the options they have, and may feel it is not "manly" to explore the topic. In reality, men who look put-together tend to be more confident and are noticed more, whether at work or on the social scene." says Vasilevsky. While many local area stylists treat men as an afterthought, Stilista makes it their business to reach out to the guys with specific services and packages tailored to men. "There are plenty of guys out there who don't look bad, they just all look the same," says Miles. But perhaps Stilista's best male-oriented service is the "Gifted Gift," in which the style-addled guy receives professional help with shopping for that special someone.

The services aren't for penny-pinchers, but you'll make up the difference when you stop buying clothes you'll never wear. Plus you'll gain the lifelong knowledge to successfully go it alone in the future. Stilista consultants also offer a friendly Personal Style Guide designed for you, a sort of Cliff's Notes of fashion to refer to once you're out there among the piles of clothes on your own. Stilista also has discounts on its services when you refer a friend.

Want a few quick tips? Ladies, please watch those hemlines (at, or right below the knee really is best for all silhouettes) and gentlemen, once and for all, please forgo those front pleated pants!

Stilista Boston can be reached at (617) 78-STYLE, at www.stilistaboston.com, or by mail at: Stilista LLC P.O. Box 35681 Brighton, MA 02135

Company: Stilista LLC
Contact Name: Alice K. Miles
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