Kineo explains how clients gain from rapid e-learning

Rapid e-learning is now well established as a powerful means of achieving learning and business goals. It’s clearly different from ‘traditional e-learning’. How can clients benefit from the difference? Kineo explained how in a recent conference.

[ClickPress, Tue Aug 07 2007] Rapid e-learning has reached the point where it warrants its own e-learning conferences. E-learning Age organised such an event in London last month, inviting prominent members of the e-learning industry to step up and shed light on Rapid e-learning. .

As a partner in Kineo, the rapid e-learning leader, Mark Harrison has deep experience in brining rapid e-learning into organisation. Working with Kineo clients including Google, BP, Virgin Media and O2, Mark has defined rapid e-learning models and techniques to ensure these leading organisations are configured to get the best from rapid e-learning. That starts with an understanding of how rapid e-learning is different – and how it isn’t. The key differences and similarities are:

•Speed and cost of decisions: “Rapid e-learning goes faster – you have to be smarter and see what elements of the traditional models of e-learning development can be surgically removed from what has become a very bloated and glacial (i.e. slow) method of responding to what are often urgent training needs. Kineo has developed a pared-down development process that allows us to move considerably faster in response to training needs at lower cost”, Mark explained. As one of our clients put it, “Rapid e-learning means I can now say ‘yes’ to urgent training needs that would have had to be a ‘no’ in the past due to time and cost constraints.”

•Better tools: “One of the key differences lies in the tools and their ease of use, of course. These allow even relative IT novices to assemble perfectly usable pieces of interactive learning. So, it is no longer a game that only the experts can play.

•What’s not different? The fundamentals of engaging learning design, quality script and effective media remain core to the development process. Mark explained: “This is where the real change lies, and the real challenge. It may be easy technically but, if your learning design is not effective, then it won’t be much more than a clever PowerPoint. ‘Garbage in’ will always lead to ‘garbage out’.”

•Better templates help: “You can’t compromise on the fundamentals, but you can develop templates and structures to build in great design from the start – that’s what we’ve done for our clients, and it enables them to move significantly faster in development”, Mark explained. As a client at Cable & Wireless put it, “With Kineo's approach, we've been able to respond quickly and efficiently to business and customer requirements. Rapid e-learning is not an excuse to compromise on learning design - and with this approach, we haven't.”

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