Just released: NORML's Marijuana Penalty Guide and New Podcast

Published: Mon Oct 03 2005

Commemorating America’s 68th year of Marijuana Prohibition
NORML Releases Most Comprehensive Analysis Of State-By State Marijuana Penalties and Launches The New 'NORMLcast'

October 3, 2005

Washington, DC: Can a state legally prosecute minor marijuana offenders for failing to pay "sin taxes" on their contraband? Can failing a urine test after an auto accident land you in jail? Can possessing cannabis near school grounds result in 20 years in jail? In many states, the answer is "yes." The details may be found in NORML's 2005 Guide to State-By-State Marijuana Penalties.

-Cutting Edge Cannabis Law Reform-
Also today, NORML announces the launch of its NORMLcast, a weekly Podcast for NORML supporters and the general public.

NORML's updated marijuana penalties report, available online at:
http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=4516#updates, is the most comprehensive guide available to the marijuana laws and penalties in all 50 states.

This year's expanded edition also includes:

-Comprehensive state-by-state information regarding tax stamps;

-State drugged driving penalties;

-The latest and most accurate information regarding civil and criminal penalties for marijuana possession, cultivation, sale and/or trafficking;

-Detailed information on states that impose mandatory minimum sentences for specific cannabis offenses as well those that employ non-criminal and/or alternative sentencing for minor marijuana offenders;

-Comprehensive breakdown of industrial hemp laws;

-State-authorized medical cannabis programs.

NORML's 2005 Guide to State-By-State Marijuana Penalties is being released in conjunction with the 68th anniversary of the enactment of federal marijuana prohibition (October 3, 1937).

NORML’s Executive Director Allen St. Pierre remarked "there is today undoubtedly a groundswell of support for reforming marijuana laws in many parts of the U.S. and, since 1970, NORML serves as the primary hub of useful up-to-date, credible and verifiable information that today’s consumers of marijuana need to know, and can only find thanks to NORML.

According to recent government data, nearly 26 million Americans enjoy marijuana and each and every one of them should know what their state’s marijuana laws and penalties.

NORML and other drug policy law reform groups are working hard to reform today’s marijuana laws and end this misguided and unwise government prohibition on marijuana that began 68 years ago today. Since 1937, hundreds of billions of taxpayer resources have been wasted arresting, prosecuting and incarcerating otherwise responsible citizens for using marijuana in a manner indistinguishable to that of legal and taxed drugs like alcohol, tobacco caffeine and pharmaceutical products."

According to FBI criminal justice data, at the end of October 2005, approximately 16.7 million citizens since 1965 will have been arrested on marijuana-related charges, 88% for simple possession charges.

St. Pierre concluded, "until such time that marijuana is a legal and taxed product for adults to responsibly consume, every one in the U.S. who currently uses marijuana needs to do two important things before they go to bed this evening:

1) Download NORML’s new, state-by-state marijuana laws and penalties guide (NORML's updated report, available online at:

2) Join and support NORML’s important work to end marijuana Prohibition at:

NORML/NORML Foundation
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