CyberPatrol 7.5 Gives Enhanced Security and Ease-of-Use

From: CyberPatrol
Published: Tue Oct 04 2005

4 October 2005 – CyberPatrol has introduced a number of enhancements to its world-leading Internet safety software, making it even easier for parents to use and manage with minimal set-up.

The new CyberPatrol 7.5 features "ready-to-go filtering", enabling parents to choose pre-set filter options during installation and immediately begin protecting their families against offensive and pornographic materials, sexual predators, spyware and phishing. Additional new management features include Instant Override, a password-protected mode that allows only authorised individuals to quickly view restricted Web pages.

"The majority of parents are novice computer users and our research has identified their frustration in creating filtering settings to protect family members online. CyberPatrol 7.5 removes these barriers making it easier than ever to manage web access and safeguard children," said Russell Chadwick, vice president of CyberPatrol.

"There are wizards to guide users through the setup process along with preset age-based User Profiles that are quick and easy to select. Parents, and those they authorise, have the ability to view blocked Web pages immediately from a restricted page without difficult software management issues. CyberPatrol 7.5 gives everyone the protection they need to safely enjoy the Internet."

According to the FBI, 14 million children will be sexually solicited via the Internet during the course of 2005. The Consumer Sentinel Database, maintained by the Federal Trade Commission, also recently reported Internet-related fraud for 2004 cost consumers in excess of $265 million.

CyberPatrol 7.5’s features are based upon extensive customer research, and highlights of its new and improved management and safety functions are:

· Ready-to-go filtering: preset environment and User Type settings deliver tailored filtering to match the specific needs of the user;
· User profile creation wizards: simple step-by-step wizards allows for the creation of additional User Profiles and individual levels of filtering. Wizards guide users through the setup process and offer age-based User Profiles appropriate for individual family members that are quick and easy to select.
· Preset filter strengths: a selection of preset age-based filter settings;
· Web category filter strengths: easy-to-use click and drag sliders to fine-tune filtering on a per category basis;
· Instant override: allows authorised users to click a password-protected link to temporarily bypass a restricted Web page. These pages can be logged allowing the parent to check that the privilege isn’t being abused.

Other features include:
· YES List: new options make it even easier to create a "walled garden" of allowed sites, ensuring young children only visit those sites vetted by parents;
· Windows user name integration: for automatic switching of CyberPatrol’s user profiles to match Windows user accounts. Also features a setup wizard to guide users through the process step-by-step;
· Web link analysis: prevents access to Web pages containing an unacceptable number of links within an inappropriate category;
· Criminal activity & phishing category: minimises the threat of users visiting sites that pretend to be trusted companies but dupe users into revealing personal passwords and log-in information;
CyberPatrol 7.5’s existing favourite features include: time management tools to set times when Internet access is allowed, or for use of specific programs such as games; filtering of newsgroups, and websites and chat sessions; monitoring and logging lets parents see if their children have safe surfing habits; ChatGardâ monitors and filters to mask out offensive words and phrases and protect personal information; and blocking page style options offer a custom user-friendly experience.
CyberPatrol is available as a free, fully-functional 14-day trial. CyberPatrol costs £21.95 (+VAT) with 12 months of updates and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It includes weekly list updates for the term chosen, free upgrades, software reinstalls and technical support. CyberPatrol can be downloaded at

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