Electronic Arts’ (EA) latest online campaign allows players to create their own gaming soundtrack

From: Bloc Media
Published: Tue Oct 04 2005

This week, Bloc Media launches a new online marketing campaign for Electronic Arts (EA) to promote the new racing console game, Burnout Revenge. The campaign launches across 13 European countries, including France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Targeting adrenalin-seeking gamers, a viral game, supported by animated online ad units, allows users to mix and edit a music video and send it to friends.

Using a studio-style sampling table, gamers can choose from a selection of rhythms, bangs, crashes and explosions and lay them over a selection of pre-set backing tracks. Once finished, the track is set to Burnout Revenge video clips, which smash, crash and react to the beats laid down by the player.

Bloc’s online campaign is part of an integrated strategy to promote Burnout Revenge. Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam created the television and print campaign.

Pedro Sanudo, European Senior Consumer Marketing & Online Manager, at Electronic Arts comments: "The digital campaign Bloc has created for Burnout Revenge captures the attitude and style of the franchise perfectly. The personalised and engrossing audio visual experience offered to the consumer will help drive traffic to the official website and is a key part of the marketing strategy for the title. With this campaign, we are forging ahead with a higher bandwidth and video-rich digital campaign strategy; in line with the increasing proliferation of broadband across Europe."

Bloc’s animated banners allow for further interaction on the theme of ‘revenge’. One banner shows two cars racing side by side. Players can drag their cursor over one of the cars, making it collide into the other car until it explodes. Bloc’s expandable banner allows gamers to ‘scratch’ a message into the side of a car with a set of keys, which they can then send to a friend.

Rick Palmer, Managing Director at Bloc Media, comments: "Player creativity, personalisation and attitude are at the heart of our strategy, allowing gamers to stamp their mark on this game and share some Burnout attitude with their friends."

The viral game will be seeded across EA’s European database. Burnout Revenge is available for the Xbox and Playstation 2. The online campaign will run for three months.
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