EzbuyFurniture.com is going to donate money to charities of their client's choice for the next 14 months.

[ClickPress, Sat Aug 11 2007] EzbuyFurniture.com is pleased to announce that they are now donating $1 for every hundred dollars sold for the next 14 months to charities of their client’s choice. In October of next year, EzbuyFurniture.com will compile all the donated money and give it to the respective charities. As part of a project called “EzGive”, along with the assistance of additional donations, EzbuyFurniture hopes to raise at least $1,000,000. Some of the charities they are planning to contribute to are worthy causes such as third-world child welfare programs and breast cancer research. Upon request, clients will have the option to add a charity to their list of candidates. “We intend to carefully select the charities to ensure that all of the money is used for pure humanitarian purposes only!”, quoted Scott Hinz, managing director of EzuyFurniture.com.

For over a decade, Containers & More (parent company to EzbuyFurniture.com) has been offering furniture to consumers living in the lower 48 states. First employing the use of mail order catalogs, they shifted their focus to online sales in 2001 and have migrated to strictly internet marketing and advertising. They have recently passed a milestone. Since their inception they have filled over 70,000 orders for furniture online. Throughout their existence, they have strived to offer products that are both affordable and practical for the masses yet carry the traits of quality and value.

About EzbuyFurniture.com

Ezbuyfurniture.com, introduced in 2001 was a wholly owned online subsidiary of Containers & More, until its success spurred its own corporation in 2007. They are headquartered in Danville, CA For more information about EZBUYFURNITURE.COM please call 1-888-303-SALE, or visit the Web site at www.EzbuyFurniture.com.

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