Altova XMLSPY and Mapforce Users Can Get a Free Upgrade to Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition

From: Stylus Studio
Published: Tue Oct 04 2005

BEDFORD, MA -- 10/04/2005 -- Stylus Studio (, the world's leading provider of XML tools for advanced data integration, today announced a new competitive upgrade program allowing customers who purchased Altova XMLSPY® 2005 or Altova XMLSPY® 2004 (Professional or Enterprise Editions) or Altova Mapforce® 2005 or Altova Mapforce® 2004 (Professional or Enterprise Editions) on or before October 1, 2005, to upgrade to Stylus Studio® 6 XML Enterprise Edition for free (limit one free single-user license per order, per company). Altova XMLSPY customers pay absolutely NOTHING for this upgrade to Stylus Studio. But wait, there's more! Altova XMLSPY users who take advantage of this offer will also receive a coupon good for 30% off an unlimited number of single-user licenses of Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition and Stylus Studio 6 XML Professional Edition from the Stylus Studio Online Shop, good for 14 days. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, cannot be applied to past purchases, and expires October 14, 2005. Qualifying customers can see complete offer details and upgrade online today at:

"Altova developers are missing out big time, and it just makes sense for us to educate the market about their options when it comes to XML tools and components," said Jerry King, Stylus Studio's General Manager. "If you're unimpressed by the latest new features in Altova XMLSPY 2006 and feel that there's got to be a better XML tool out there, we encourage developers to make the switch to Stylus Studio this week. You won't be alone! Visit our website, get educated on the facts about XML tools and components, and see why upgrading to Stylus Studio 6 makes so much sense."

Why it's time to Make the Switch

Stylus Studio has developed a free educational center where developers can learn more about scratching the itch to switch:

-- We compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to switch to Stylus Studio.
-- Customers tell in their own words why switching to Stylus Studio was
so compelling. See
-- Read our special report on AltovaXML™, which documents issues with
the core XML processing technology that powers both Altova XMLSPY and
Altova MAPFORCE at:

Why Upgrade to Stylus Studio?

Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition provides the world's most powerful and productive XML IDE for advanced XML data integration, providing dozens of integrated tools for developing, debugging and deploying advanced XML applications. This comprehensive and standards-based XML IDE provides XML developers with everything they need without having to purchase 2-6 different products, or sometimes a suite of products. Here are just a few of the highlights of the new features in Stylus Studio 6 XML Enterprise Edition, Release 3:

-- Java™ Code Generation: Now you can generate Java code for your
XQuery and XSLT stylesheets and deploy that code to a live production
server or application. Stylus Studio captures the settings specified in the
XQuery and XSLT scenarios - your choice of XML processor, parameters,
input/output files, and post processing options, for example - and reflects
them in the generated Java code.
-- Updated W3C XQuery Compliance: Stylus Studio is the first XML IDE to
fully support the W3C XQuery working draft of April 2005, taking the lead
on the path of innovation to this critical emerging data integration
-- New XML Schema Productivity Tools: Generate sample XML fragments from
XML Schema components, create XML Schema documentation with a familiar
JavaDoc-like layout, perform XML Schema-based output validation of XSLT or
XQuery transformations... These and many more usability enhancements
further strengthen Stylus Studio's position as the most innovative XML
Schema tool for XML data modeling.
-- XML File Explorer Window: The new File Explorer window provides a
handy way for developers to manage files in Stylus Studio and to perform
other basic file-oriented operations (delete, copy, and rename, for
example). You can also easily convert files by dragging the file you want
to convert onto any built-in or user-defined adapter. A new Auto-Backup
feature optionally creates backup files of your documents when you save
-- XML Diff Text View: XML Differencing is even easier now with a third
way to view differences in XML documents. In addition to the Split View -
Tree tab and the Merged tab, you can now view two documents side-by-side in
plain text on the Split View - Text tab.
-- Canonical XML Converter: Convert XML into canonical form with a single
mouse click - just one of the many new XML editing utilities in the Stylus
Studio XML Editor.
-- XML Spell Checker: Admit it, there's a reason you didn't become a
marketing copywriter - but now you can impress your colleagues with your
brilliant command of the English language with the Stylus Studio XML Spell
-- EDIFACT to XML Schema Conversions: Simplify EDIFACT data integration
projects with a new utility for generating XML Schema from EDIFACT
messages, fully integrated with the XML Schema Editor.
-- JAXB Support: Generate Java-XML bindings from your XML Schemas using
the Java API for XML Binding (JAXB) - fully integrated with the Java IDE
and XML Schema Editor.
-- FREE Upgrade: Need we say more?

Learn more about this special offer online at:

About Stylus Studio

Stylus Studio®, a product from DataDirect Technologies, an operating unit of Progress Software Corporation, is the industry's most innovative XML IDE providing advanced support for XML and its related technologies: XSL, XSLT, XML Schema, DTD, SOAP, WSDL, SQL/XML, XML mapping and XQuery. Used by leading software developers world-wide, Stylus Studio simplifies XML programming and enhances developer productivity through innovation. For more information, visit:

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