HedgeLender Corporation's HedgeLoan is a unique opportunity to maximize market opportunities, without selling stock.

[ClickPress, Fri Feb 11 2005] RESTON, VA - Entering the New Year, investors evaluating their portfolio may be stuck between a “stock” and a hard place. HedgeLender Corporation, a firm with offices in Reston, Va and Philadelphia, Pa, offers a solution: HedgeLoan, a stock loan that puts cash in their pocket by borrowing up to 90% of their portfolio, using the stocks as collateral. HedgeLender, aptly named, for they will “hedge” the loan; borrowers continue to reap the rewards if the stock rises, but conversely, if the stock drops; the loan maintains its locked-in value.

HedgeLender President, Daniel W. Stafford, when asked about interest in HedgeLoan noted, “Whether the stock market rises or falls, HedgeLoan borrowers know they have a floor if prices fall, and potential profit if it rises. Our loans are a popular way to turn stocks into cash regardless of market conditions”.

Stratis Voutsas, a CPA with Estate Admin LLC, when asked about HedgeLoan’s tax benefits stated, “As advisors and back-office CPA support to estate and tax attorneys nationally, we analyzed the tax aspects of a term Hedgeloan once in process and found it to be absolutely Tax Neutral over its life cycle. Our research was conducted using multiple scenarios in both bull and bear markets and found that HedgeLoans had no negative tax consequences, and if structured correctly, exiting HedgeLoans can be extremely tax beneficial.”

Wealthy Not the Only Ones to Benefit

Investors who once entertained the thought of liquidating their investments can now protect themselves at a time when the markets are less than stable. Many have already benefited from HedgeLoan - employees of public companies, seniors preparing for retirement and virtually anyone who owns stock is eligible to manage their finances through HedgeLoan. Shareholders with poor credit are relieved of a credit check, as the loan is gauged by the stocks’ worth, not the borrowers’.

“This is truly the stock liquidity tool for the rest of us,” said Fred Wahler, Vice President of Sales. “Many of our best returning customers are individuals who, though financially comfortable, would not normally describe themselves as wealthy.”

Borrower Beware

HedgeLender President Stafford has seen both sides of the industry in his years with HedgeLender and the federal government. “In our view, no borrower should ever consider a stock loan that has not been professionally hedged against loss. There are well-structured stock loans and there are less stable stock loans out there. HedgeLender is the only stock loan company to guarantee that 100% of every portfolio is fully hedged with investment-grade counterparties, with shares cleared only through AAA-rated U.S. firms.”

HedgeLender, established in 1999, provides user-friendly stock liquidity solutions for individuals and large institutions. The company’s international operations now reach Japan, the U.K., and Israel.

(Please note: Neither HedgeLender nor any of its agents or affiliates are authorized to offer tax, legal, or buy-sell advice in any form, unless legally licensed to do so in their state of reside. Please consult with a licensed professional in your state of residence prior to any decision involving HedgeLoan financing.)

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