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From: Wishawish
Published: Wed Oct 05 2005

Corporate E-cards are the environmentally friendly answer to the usual
Christmas greetings campaigns run by thousands of businesses across the United Kingdom, and a clever way of reducing the extra costs that getting into the festive spirit can incur.

The thousands of cards that businesses send their clients each year require a lot of paper to make, and only very few greetings card manufacturers are using recycled paper for their cards. It would be fair to say that recycled paper is not a big focus in the greetings card industry.

The process of making greetings cards can often include further environmentally damaging processes, such as toxic printer inks and fixing agents. And then there is the extra mail weight, adding to the fuel consumption requirements and emissions of those delivering the cards.

Wishawish.com’s Yael Biran says "We can save businesses money, and relieve the stresses of getting their cards posted in time for Christmas. After all, Christmas is a time for fun. And once the recipients have enjoyed the entertaining e-card, they will be clicking straight through to the sender’s website. It’s a win-win situation!"
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