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From: Resort Labs
Published: Wed Oct 05 2005

Resort Labs are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Handy Folders version 1.0 - software for the people who use Windows Explorer to access their files and folders.

There are thousands of folders on your disks that are used by Windows and third-party software. But how many folders do you personally use? Not as many as you might think. Normally, you only open and use a few folders. You probably have some important subfolders in the "My Documents", "My Pictures", "My Music" folders and more. You may also have a frequently used folder where you download files from the Internet. Maybe you even have some special folders to store photos from your digital camera or to edit your home video.

As you can see, an ordinary user normally needs to access about 10-15 folders. An IT professional may have about 50 favorite places to go. Why should you need to make a dozen clicks to access one of these frequently used folders? Why are they not just shown on your screen as a list?

Handy Folders solves this problem. The program adds its own toolbar to the Windows Explorer interface. To remember a certain folder, simply navigate to it and click the "Add" button on the toolbar. The folder will then be added to your list of frequently accessed folders. In addition to the user-defined folders, the program automatically adds all the disk drives available on your PC to the list and some special folders such as Network Neighborhood, etc.

The Handy Folders toolbar significantly speeds up navigation in Windows Explorer. In addition, the program can put an icon into your Windows tray. The icon allows you to open your favorite folders without even needing to start Windows Explorer first.

Save time! No need to browse through complete folder trees when you actually use only a few folders. Handy Folders is all you need.

Handy Folders version 1.0 is fully compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP.

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