Moms Ambition and Passion Collide, Creating a Business Based on Adoration of Photography and Jewelry

From: In The Pink Designs
Published: Wed Oct 05 2005

Tampa, FL When Jenifer Schabes had her little girl, she abruptly stopped working and focused on being a mom. Quickly, work was missed. After searching through existing telecommuting jobs, Jenifer decided to create her own position. Then, In The Pink Designs was born, creating jewelry to proudly display her clients most treasured family photos. Now with a successful business under her belt, she hopes to see rapid growth during this holiday season.

"Looking at what you truly love is a great way to ensure success in any new business" says Jenifer, creator of In The Pink Designs. Being a mom is hard enough as it is, running a successful company along with everything else can be daunting to most moms. Jenifer wants to serve as a success story for other moms as well as her young daughter, proving that a successful business can be created at home without limits to it’s growth or potential.

"I feel like I have succeeded when my creations become the most essential piece of jewelry in a mothers jewelry box, next to her wedding ring." says Jenifer Each piece is cast in gold, some also have diamonds and can be customized to fit each clients needs. The photo that is supplied is retouched and can be converted to black and white if needed. The photo is sealed into the charm so that it remains waterproof and the photo is protected from UV damage as well. Purchase prices are from $200 -$3000. In The Pink Designs sells mostly through high end photographers all across the country. Snap shots can be used and clients may order by contacting the company directly from the website.

For additional information and photos, contact Jenifer Schabes or visit the website which is Orders have a production time of approximately 2-3 weeks.

About In The Pink Designs:

Jenifer Schabes created In The Pink Designs in January of 2005. After 2 other successful businesses behind her, she had a strong foundation in which to build this new business. The creative concept behind this new venture will hopefully become the final notch on this mother’s list of successes.


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