Zoom In and Out of Internet Explorer; Internet Explorer printing problem solved

From: febooti software
Published: Wed Oct 05 2005

febooti software has released febooti ieZoom toolbar, a powerful Windows utility that makes it easy to control how Internet Explorer displays web pages on your screen. You can zoom in, zoom out, pick colors, change sizes, apply custom skins, record your browsing history, and create custom shortcuts, all from your ieZoom toolbar.

By zooming in and out of pages, you can increase your productivity and efficiency. Instead of squinting at tiny fonts, or scrolling past huge fonts, the program lets you adjust the Internet to meet your browsing needs. Teachers can magnify text to make it more inviting for younger children. Business managers can resize text to make older workers more productive.

Web site developers can use the program to quickly view their web pages in a number of different resolutions. It's easy to simulate full and partial windows at different screen resolutions, and ensure that your web pages will look great, regardless of the mix of users' monitors. The built-in Color Picker gives you precise information on any pixel on your screen, allowing you to quickly tweak your web pages' color schemes.

febooti ieZoom toolbar lets you control how web pages are printed. You can either choose Auto Fit Print or manually change your zoom ratio from .3% to 5,000%, and print the resulting pages. Whether you want to save paper by printing more on each page, or compensate for your poor eyesight by printing bigger text, the program can match your printouts to your needs. febooti ieZoom toolbar eliminates the problem of text near the right margin being cropped from the printed page. You won't have to move text to your word processor for printing, because febooti ieZoom toolbar will print your web page correctly. You can even create a number of preset page definitions, and use any of them with a single click.

The built-in history page keeps track of the web pages that you've visited. If you're visiting competitors' sites on the Internet, or visiting research sites to improve your business, febooti ieZoom toolbar keeps track of how recently you've visited the important sites on your list.

The toolbar is highly customizable. You can add and remove toolbar buttons. You can even change the toolbar skins. Power users can adjust the number of simultaneous download streams that Internet Explorer can manage, increasing productivity on the Internet.

Whether you're a web designer who needs to quickly simulate different screen resolutions during web page development, a business person who wants to print optimized web pages when surfing the Internet, or a home user who needs to quickly compensate for poor eyesight by adjusting the way Internet Explorer displays web pages, febooti ieZoom toolbar has the tools that you need.

febooti ieZoom toolbar runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003, requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer, costs $34.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely online from http://www.febooti.com/. Multi-user and site licenses are available. You can download a fully-functional, 15-day trial version from the same web site.

For more information, contact febooti software at info@febooti.com or visit http://www.febooti.com/.
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