Small Business Web Sites Fail…Then They Succeed

From: EyeMagination
Published: Wed Oct 05 2005

Welcome to the online world where the possibilities are endless...and so are the pitfalls. For many small businesses, they were trapped by the ideas of success without looking at the bigger business picture. Overlooking key business strategies crippled small businesses starting on the internet. Today, business-made solutions are ready to make small business succeed.

First, when an online businesses started, they ask "How much will this cost?" instead of asking "If I invest 'X', will I get a return on investment (ROI) and how long will that take?" Remember, you have to spend some money to make more money on the web.

Secondly, the website could not work with the ever-changing business model. Because small businesses could not change their own web site content, they had to spend money on a web developer or never changed their web pages. Today there are content management systems (CMS) that allow an owner to change their content anytime without paying heavy development fees.

Thirdly, no one ever saw the site. Just because a web site existed, that did not mean everyone wanted to see it. A website should be an online version of your small business. Now, various marketing systems must be in place - both online and offline. Networking for referrals, business cards, search engine marketing, print advertising, and much more are available to increase your small business name.

Like in all business, we learn by our mistakes. This time around, focus your redesigned website on the areas that worked in the past. Make sure that anyone can understand it - from clients who you handed your business card to anyone who searched on Google ©. Make sure you professionally develop multiple online and offline marketing systems to your website. And, subscribe to a content management system; it can save you thousands of dollars and adjusts around your business. With a little strategy and implementing these ideas, you can make your small business succeed.

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